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USA Scheduler Now Offering Course Scheduling Software With Solution Matrix

USA Scheduler has improved on the conflict matrix of course scheduling to come up with scheduler software that creates solution matrix. It follows multidimensional framework that works with all the intersections simultaneously.

USA Scheduler has now resolved the conflict matrix faced by education counselors and schools with their course scheduling software that creates solution matrix. The software acts like the building block of the master scheduler, providing counselors an optimum way to ensure that most of the students' requests are satisfied. This is a quantum leap jump that improves upon the conflict matrix.

"Traditional conflict matrix shows only the conflict intersections. You can only pursue one intersection at a time, which limits your visibility of the solutions. You are unable to view a complete picture of the totality of solutions, across the board for all the scheduled courses. The form and structure of the course schedule is all left to guess work," commented a senior executive with the company.

A typical schedule has a string of possible permutations and any attempt to negotiate it with a conflict matrix is bound to add to its complexity. The solution matrix transcribes the conflict matrix into solutions. It follows multidimensional framework, breaking through the limitations of working on a one or two dimensional level. The solution matrix works with all the intersections simultaneously, ensuring that the solutions benefit the group rather than the singletons and doubletons.

Incorporated into the program intelligence, the solution matrix conducts the scheduling automatically. As the executive explained, "The solution gets you through the master scheduling easily, smoothly and quickly. With solution matrix course scheduler at your hand, you need not spend a lot of time chasing scheduling solutions in the giant labyrinth."

Each course is associated with factors like facility type; number of sections, number of classes or groups; course pre-requirements; terms offered; core or elective course; department; course credits; valid days or periods on which the course can be placed; maximum number of students or seats available; students that requested the course; whether the course is an additional backup course; resource requirements; special room requirements; and many others. Know more about school master schedule software developed by them.

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USA Scheduler has developed a master scheduler that works closely with student information systems. School management can buy master scheduler software with them to make a tangible improvement in the running of the institution. What started out as a University project in BSc Computer Science has now developed as scheduling software for schools. The company also deals in bell scheduler software.

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