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USA Company Seeks To Aid Brazil's Olympics Lodging And Housing Shortage

USA company seeks to introduce new building technology to Brazil to aid the country's olympics lodging and housing needs. With this cutting edge and innovative technology created by International Steel Structures (ISS),Brazil has a viable option.

USA seeks to introduce new building technology to Brazil, to aid the country's olympic lodging and housing needs. With this cutting edge and innovative technology created by International Steel Structures (ISS), Brazil has a viable solution in addressing its lodging and housing shortage. With a reportedly seven million plus (7MM+) housing deficit, the country is ready to tackle this issue.

International Steel Structures (ISS) is a privately held company based in the United States of America. ISS's founder and chief architect, Bob Koger, developed a mobile building system called the Mobile Production Facility or MPF. Koger was inspired from an ancient invention, "The Arch", to which he applied the science and then added the mobilization to it, hence the birth of the MPF.

"With ISS building technology and joining the efforts with the pride of Brazil , the housing landscape in Brazil will be changed in a few short years. Imagine, technology that can build multiple structures in hours versus months!", exclaimed Koger.

ISS wants to work closely with the government of Brazil along with the private sector of developers and contractors in Brazil, to maximize this building technology created by ISS. Schools, hospitals, apartments, shopping centers, and hotels, can be built using ISS technology.

"Homes, schools, and hospitals are now achievable with this technology," added Mark Smith,principal and managing member of ISS. "More importantly, these building structures are engineered to withstand elements of mother nature such as earthquakes, typhoons, as well as the crushing of structures that takes the lives of its inhabitants. Speed in building may be vital, but it is the safety aspects that is key to the security and well being of all the people of Brazil," Smith said.

ISS proclaimed that developers and contractors in Brazil will be excited to partake in this building technology because the ability to produce a unit with structural integrity, where production costs are effective and efficient, and where volume can be produced far greater than traditional labor intensive construction.

"We will be offering licensing agreements of the ISS building technology to developers that have the ability and track record to maximize the success of the project for years to come for the good of Brazil," Cedric D. Griffin, a principal with ISS, stated. "A franchising type foundation will be used and we want Brazil to be one of the showcase to the world, of this innovative creation by ISS."

"The ISS building technology may be the best mobile building system ever designed!", exclaimed Griffin. "With this technology, we can help reduce the gap in housing needs by affording the Brazilian government, developers, and contractors to build all types of structures, with the focus on housing units. We are providing a product with structural integrity in an efficient way, but the beauty of it is, with the ISS technology, a family can have a live in structure within a few short days of onset of production, with the life of the unit to outlast many generations to come," stated Griffin.

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