US Freediving Announces USA Freediving Team Website Launch

US Freediving is proud to announce the launch of the USA Freediving Team website supporting and bringing news of the team for the 2014 AIDA Team Freediving World Championships.

US Freediving is proud to announce the launch of the USA Freediving Team website supporting and bringing news of the team for the 2014 AIDA Team Freediving World Championships. The team consists of four male and four female athletes. The team will be representing the United States at the International Association for the Development of Apnea, AIDA, Team Freediving World Championships September 16-27 in Sardinia, Italy.

The USA Freediving Team is currently in the selection process and will be announced on July 4. The team is soliciting both title and secondary sponsors and looking forward to working closely with those interested in freediving and the value the association with the sport and Team USA will bring. Individual donations are also welcome.

Ashley Chapman, former USA Team member and multiple US national and world record holder, says, "Landing on the winners podium in an international freediving competition is one of the most rewarding experiences of my freediving career. It happened to me once as a Team USA alternate in 2008 and I am looking forward to chasing that feeling again this year in Sardinia."

Grant W. Graves, US Freediving President, said, "I am very excited about this year's team. We have more interest than ever before and the candidates thus far are some of our strongest yet. We are looking forward to supporting the team members and our sponsors to make this World Championship the best one yet."

The AIDA Team Freediving World Championships is a biannual event that brings the world's best freediving national teams together to compete in three events: Constant Weight with Fins, Static Apnea, and Dynamic Apnea with Fins. The top male and female national teams will be known as the World Champion.

AIDA recognizes eight categories of freediving (for information of all of the categories take a look at the website). Static Apnea challenges the athlete to hold their breath for time. The athlete lays face down on the surface of the pool and holds their breath for the longest time possible. Dynamic Apnea challenges the freediver to swim as far as they can with the aid of fins on a single breath of air. Constant Weight with Fins challenges the athlete to dive as deep as they can and return to the surface while holding their breath with the use of fins or a monofin. The team securing the highest point total for all three athletes in the three disciplines is crowned the winner. The competition is divided in the male and female divisions.

US Freediving is a non-profit association founded on a democratic representation of freediving within the United States and internationally. Founded in 2003, Us Freediving brought together a diverse group of 21 founding members, all interested in the development and growth of freediving. In just six months, this highly dedicated group was able to create an association recognized as the voice of freediving in the United States by the international community. The association has grown to over one hundred members with continued growth expected.

US Freediving will have a full team at the World Championships in Sardinia. For more information about the World Championships please checkout

The International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) is the international sanctioning body for freediving, individual and team competition, and freediving world record attempts. AIDA nationals are individual associations that represent freediving and AIDA in their country, similar to Olympic Organizing Committees. For more information about AIDA check out

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