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Urban Fantasy Novel Receives New Title -

Urban fantasy author Mark Wooden has retitled his first "Shadowdance" saga novel "By Virtue Fall: A Song of the Shadowdance."

Orlando author Mark Wooden has retitled the first novel of his urban fantasy series "Shadowdance." The new title is "By Virtue Fall: A Song of the Shadowdance."

"Shadowdance is a term associated with both 'World of Warcraft' and psychology," Wooden says. "Since so many people use it, it's hard to climb to the top of the eBook search pages.

"So I did some research, looking through Shakespeare quotes and got inspired. I chose 'By Virtue Fall' as the main title, what people will ultimately search for. But don't worry; I'm keeping the 'Shadowdance' brand."

Wooden also explains the "song" part of the title.

"I envision the Shadowdance saga as one big symphony, hence chapters called 'Measures,' a small increment in a song. Several Measures therefore make up a novel, or 'Song.'

"I avoided calling novels "Movements," which they should be, because movement reminds me of bowel movement and I don't want the 'Shadowdance' associated with shit."

Adriana Dupre is the vampire assassin protagonist of the first book of the Shadowdance saga, "By Virtue Fall."

In the story, Adriana is out for revenge against the Daughters of Lilith because that group duped her into killing her werewolf ancestors and turning her younger, chaste sister into a vampire assassin. Dark sorcerer Dwyer Strathan offers Adriana information about her sister if she can him find three of the Vyntari shards. Adriana soon realizes that her quest for revenge will only lead to her destruction. The Knights of Vyntari offer another path -- one towards redemption and atonement for her past reprehensible sins.

"The Shadowdance Saga as the literary answer to movies like 'Underworld' and 'Blade,'" Wooden says. "The novel experience allows the readers in depth immersion into the lives of the characters, lets them explore their intriguing motives and back-story. With the Saga series, readers will revel in the intrigue and the interlocking histories of the characters."

For more information, contact Wooden at Shadowdancesaga.com or at email him at woodenshedcreative@gmail.com. Fans can also follow the Shadowdance saga on Facebook and Twitter (@ShadowdanceSaga).

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