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Rajdhani Campus website updates new features, like face book visit on the home page - this helps the students to directly go to the college's fb page and get updated with the latest information posted.

Rajdhani Campus has now given its website a brand new look. It has added few things here and there in its website to make it easy for the user to use it. The website has the new box for facebook visit on the home page of the website, which takes you directly to the facebook homepage of the college. Here one can be updated with all the new events and other things happening in the college and are most welcome to leave their posts and comments. The box for submission for free prospectus has also been created on the right side of the home page. The website has come up with a brand new appearance and looks great to the user to have all the relevant information in and about the college in one place.

The main motive of making these changes is to communicate updated and latest information to the people visiting Rajdhani Campus's website. The website updated with latest information, blogs and all the new happenings and developments in the colleges reflects the reliability and credibility of the college. The website is designed in such a way that a person would find each and everything in an organized manner and would never get lost in the website. All the information is displayed in a systematic way under headings and subheadings. It is correctly said that we just have to think of the questions or the information required and the website has all the answers to them. Looking at the pictures posted in the gallery and the detailed information provided about the college, it gives one a feel going through the website that he/she is standing in the college itself and seeing each and everything with their own eyes but in reality without physically being present there. Rajdhani Campus always finds better ways to organize its information to improve the usability of its site. It keeps upgrading and improving the contents of the website as and when there are changes in the college in order to meet the promises made to the students and the society and not to deliver false commitments.

visit us: http://www.rajdhanijaipur.org/

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