Unveiled: Parenting Contract Generator Tool at HomeContract.Org

Jade Robinson presents the debut of Parenting Contract Generator Tool at HomeContract.Org

HomeContract.Org is a revolutionary website that allows parents to quickly craft personalized Parenting Contracts for their teens. The easy-to-use Home Contract Creator Tool has been designed to help transform troubled teens behavior from the very beginning.

Teens are notorious for pushing boundaries but implementing a Home Contract allows parents to be empowered and to set up clear, effective consequences. Through the creation of a Home Contract parents can be consistent in their parenting and will remove all ambiguity surrounding discipline. Because the rules and regulations are clearly outlined there is a dramatic increase in teenager's compliance. Often a number of issues in the home arise due to a lack of consistency in the parenting style, but by implementing a Home Contract you can transform your relationship with your teen.

The real advantage of HomeContract.Org is that you are guided through the Contract creation, while being about to fully customize every step so that it really applies to your teen. The Home Contract encompasses Home Duties, Home Privileges, Family Responsibilities, School, Outings, Jobs, Driving and Consequences. Using the Home Contract creator takes the hassle and pressure out of creating a contract: you simply key-in more information areas that are relevant to your family and teen and ignore the rest.

Once your Home Contract has been created you can print it out and have your teen read through and sign the contract. At a later date, as your teen grows and your home rules evolve, you can log back into your Home Contract account and amend and update the Home Contract as necessary. As your family changes, your Home Contract can change too in order to best meet your family's needs. It's important that your teen is part of the contract development; you can even have them sit with you as you go through the Home Contract creator. The more involved your teen is with the Home Contract creation, the more likely they are to be compliant.

Jade Robinson, the creator of HomeContract.Org, has devoted his life to helping struggling teens reach their full potential. With over 18 years experience, Jade Robinson has a wealth of knowledge in the area of totally transforming teens and their behavior. Rather than offering a temporary solution for an ongoing program, Jade focuses on the root of the problems amongst teens and works to improve their confidence and motivation, which in turn transforms everything else.

Because ambiguity in parenting causes so much unnecessary stress and hassle between parents and children, Jade developed the Home Contract creation tool to make things more transparent for everyone involved. Jade's vision was to create a simple tool that would instantly empower parents while providing teens with clear instructions of what was expected from them. This allows teens and parents to work together, towards a more united and consistent home.

A Home Contract makes it easy to administer effective consequences for your teen's behavior. Because everything is clearly outlined in the Home Contract the teen is aware of what consequences will be administered based on their actions, this means they can make educated decisions about their behavior. While a Home Contract empowers the parent and allows them to regain control, it also forces the teen to be more accountable for their own actions.

HomeContract.Org takes all of the hassle and complication out of setting up a Home Contract and makes it possible to get started straight away. Setting up a Home Contract has never been easier, and now there is the added benefit of Jade Robinson's 18 years of experience in dealing with troubled teens to ensure you create the perfect contract for your family.

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