Unlimited Mobile App Development Platform From LMCapps For IOS And Android Just $29.99 Ending Soon

With the $29.99 promotion ending soon, LMCapps, makers of reliable mobile app creators, announces the final call for its full-featured and easy-to-use unlimited mobile app development platform that enables developers to build their apps from scratch.

Mobile apps have taken the virtual world by storm. Over the years, mobile apps have increasingly become an important part of mobile usage, with user currently spending an average of 2.42 hours per day on various apps on their device. With usage figures continuing to soar, experts have every reason to believe mobile apps may be poised to become one of the most important mobile innovations.

"Customers would typically have to spend $149 or more each month for comparable services. For a fraction of the cost, our customers have been enjoying creating their own apps for both iPhone and Android phones," said a company spokesman from LMCapps. "Based on one of the largest app building platforms in the world, our platform makes it extremely profitable for companies that want to offer applications to their clients, without the outrageous development costs," said LMCapps.

Championing the people behind these breakthrough technologies within reach, LMCapps is offering a way for mobile app developers to create unlimited number of native applications for a low price of $29.99/mo. Under this unlimited plan individuals can create native apps for their business or personal needs. Developers are also welcome to create unlimited app, with unlimited updates, and unlimited push-notification for Android and iPhone.

"Creating an app is simple. Just select from over 40 ready-made templates for nearly every situation and need, as well as 130 Native and HTML pages types, and the ability to add your own custom coding should you have the skills to do so."

"Developers and web designers can build on our platform and sell to their clients," he added.

LMCapps provides users control over their mobile app creations with CMS that is extremely easy to use for both beginner and professional designers dabbling in native iPhone, iPad Android, and Kindle apps. The platform also offers HTML5 web apps at no additional charge.

"Customers can play with the platform and make as many apps as they like. We also offer a previewer for iPhone and Android, so people can try their apps on their own phone," said LMCapps.

According to LMCapps, updating an app and content already published is simple using the app creator interface. Unlimited updates on all mobile platforms are possible in just one click, and are available almost immediately after changes have been made.

Customers interested in learning more about the app platform can sign up for a free, no-obligation "test drive".

"We make it easy for anyone to be able to create their own app very quickly," said LMCapps. "Our unlimited plan allows users to create an unlimited number of apps across multiple platforms without any added costs."

To find out more about LMCapps' mobile app development platform for unlimited app creation, please visit http://lmcapps.com for information and to sign up for free.

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