University of Maryland, Baltimore County Creates LabStats Page

University of Maryland, Baltimore County creates a LabStats page to display computer availability so students can find open computers quickly.

Kenner Miner of UMBC has created an online page that implements LabStats data for students and staff to be aware of computer availability at the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

The site displays how many public computers are currently in use per floor, and how many are Macs or PCs. The site also displays equipment location, including printers, scanners, and photocopiers. Information kiosks allow users to browse computer availability by clicking on links per floor that display a map of all computers and equipment so users can see right away which machines are available for use.

The maps were developed through the LabMaps plugin that allows lab managers to build a custom map of their lab with computers and detailed floor plans so students understand just where computers are located.

The page also displays the last year of user logins organized by month for an idea of how frequently the computers are in use.

"We've been working with LabStats for almost a year now at the UMBC library, and have been very impressed with what we can do with it, as far as getting information out to the students," said Miner. To see the great work Miner has done, visit

Computer Lab Solutions loves displaying what their clients have done with LabStats in order to encourage other users to get creative with the software. To show off what you've done, contact

For more information on LabStats, visit


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