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Universal Restoration Services Promotes Healthy Environment via Affordable Mold Remediation

Universal Restoration Services follow the highest industry standards to offer affordable mold remediation services to both residential and commercial buildings. They first locate and eliminate the source of moisture and then clean it.

Concern about indoor exposure to mold has been burgeoning as populace becomes aware that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health issues including allergic reactions. Along with populaces, Universal Restoration Services, a family owned restoration company is also aware of mold issues and offers mold removal, remediation, inspecting and testing services at affordable rates.

Their mold inspection report include a laboratory analysis of the air in home to determine the type and quantities of mold present, instructions on how to eliminate the mold problem and the solution to reduce the problem. "The goal of our remediation is to remove or clean mold damaged materials using work practices that protect occupants and remediation workers. Prior to remediation, we also consider the possible presence of other environmental hazards such as asbestos and lead", reported Phil Goldstein, the founder of Universal Restoration Services.

Upon requesting mold removal in Florida, the industry's top mold removal team arrives to the affected area within 24 hours. The first step in their mold remediation process is to fix water or humidity problem that contribute mold growth. Their experienced team thoroughly clean up mold and dry water-damaged areas using appropriate cleaning and drying methods. Their remediation decisions is based on the scope of contamination, size of the growth, and potential for occupant exposure or building contamination in the absence of containment.

While speaking about their service range, Phil added, "From estimate to completion our clients are able to feel at ease knowing they have true professionals working to correct their indoor environmental issues".

Along with mold remediation in Florida, Universal Restoration also offers a wide range of services that include hurricane disaster recovery, construction management services, National reconstruction team, renovation, structural repairs, document recovery services, commercial catastrophe response team, thermal imaging, commercial drying, personal property recovery and water removal, cleanup, sanitization & disinfection.

About Universal Restoration Services

Universal Restoration Services owned by Judy and Phil Goldstein expertizes in damage recovery. The company has participated in over 35, 000 claims. They optimize customer services by investing in technology, training, and continuing education to ensure that only the latest restoration processes and techniques are utilized. For more details, visit http://floridafireandwater.com/


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