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United States Flashlight Market Forecast - April 2014

According to ElectroniCast, an estimated 141.6 million flashlights will be purchased in the United States this year, an increase in volume of 4% from 2013.

ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market research firm covering photonic and electronic devices, today announced the findings of their semi-annual market forecast report of the use of flashlights in the United States. According to the market study, an estimated 141.6 million flashlights will be purchased in the United States this year, an increase in volume of 4% from 2013.

Flashlights with light emitting diode (LED) light source dominate the overall product mix. Additionally, the LED-based flashlights are forecast to continue displacing other light-source types of flashlights. In addition to LED flashlights, the market study covers the use of Halogen, Argon/Krypton Incandescent, Xenon Incandescent, Fluorescent and High-Intensity Discharge (HID).

The overall consumption value is forecast to decrease with moderate rising quantity growth offset by declining average prices. Flashlights, which are equipped to recharge the power source (batteries) without removing the batteries from the flashlight, are forecast to dominate the product mix.

In terms of volume (number of units), the Standard-types of flashlights are forecast hold a substantial market share lead during the forecast period; however, because of their relatively low average selling price (ASP) compared to the rechargeable-type units, the Standard-types have a (much) smaller market share in terms of value. ElectroniCast provides a detailed market forecast in terms of volume (number of units in millions) the price differences per light source/type, as well as value ($ million), covering the years 2013-2018.

The ElectroniCast study also segments the use of flashlights by end-user groups, including: Government use in Military/Law Enforcement/Emergency; other segments in Government; Commercial/Industrial; and Consumer applications. In terms of value, the Commercial/Industrial end-user group is forecast to maintain the lead in relative market share during the forecast period; however, the Consumer category is forecast to maintain a dominant market share lead in term of volume (number of flashlight units).

Flashlights used in the Consumer end-user segment are typically less expensive units versus other applications/end-user groups. For example, flashlights used by the United States Military and in Law Enforcement, demand (more) rugged designed, more features and (more) lumens or brightness versus the typical household (consumer) flashlights.

The value of flashlights used in the United States, which are used in the Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder sectors, is forecast to remain (almost) unchanged from $159.9 million in 2013 to $164.1 million in the year 2018 (an increase of 0.52% per year). The HID flashlights and the LED Standard (type) category of flashlights hold noticeable (consumption value) market share. Note: Market forecast data in this study report refers to consumption (use) for a particular calendar year; therefore, this data is not cumulative data.

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