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Improved Checkpoint Procedures For Frequent Travelers

This summer has seen a number of changes in airport procedures and other aspects of travel as well. One of the most procedure changes is being applauded by the U.S. Travel Association and has to do with the pilot of the new "trusted traveler" program. The program is designed to enhance travel and will be testing the enhancements to the TSA pre flight identity based screening in a partnership with CBP.

TSA Helping To Make Travel Better

TSA, like other organizations concerned with traveler safety and security, work hard in order to offer a higher quality experience when traveling. Learn more about the ways in which TSA and other government programs are looking to improve vacationers next trip.
What is The Trusted Traveler Program

The trusted travel program is designed to offer expedited boarding and check in for travelers who have passed the screening process. It allows these travelers to be rated at a lower risk, thereby speeding up the process and getting them through the airport faster.

Sentri - WHTI compliant documents entry into the U.S. by land or sea and include U.S. and Mexican border.

Nexus - WHTI compliant documents for land and sea travel and air travel at airports which use the Nexus program.

Fast Driver Program - WHTI compliant documents for entry into the U.S. by land or sea. Includes Mexico and Canada commercial truckers.

The current improvements which are being tested today are meant to enable the security officers to focus their time and energy in higher risk areas thereby enhancing the experience for all travelers.

When And Where This Is Happening

The pilot is slated to begin this fall and will include current travelers in the already existing trusted traveler program including members of Global Entry, Sentri and Nexus programs.

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