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United Launches Direct Flight from Chicago to Belize

United announces a new direct flight from Chicago to Belize. Expanding service to Belize from another major hub is sure to give new travelers a Belize Experience and have a direct impact on Belize's real estate markets.

The Windy City Blows Warm Trade Winds Directly to Belize!

United Airlines has announced the launch of a new direct flight from Chicago to Belize, making Belize more accessible by more global airlines than ever before. Many travelers from North America and other corners of the globe already know the secret of beautiful Belize, the little country with a big beautiful barrier reef and radiant tropical sunshine. Beginning in December 2014 travelers from Chicago's huge hub, O'Hare, can enjoy a direct flight from Second City to Belize, first on many vacation travel lists. This announcement makes flying to a Belize vacation home so much easier from the mid-west United States, with no stops or transfers in Texas or Florida.

United Airlines, now creating a successful merger with former Continental, consistently earns rankings of third or higher in surveys measuring customer choice, miles accumulated, and locations served, according to many popular surveys, from to, March, 2014. In addition, United already delivers enthusiastic visitors from Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Charlotte, Newark. Coupled with Belize's own recent high ratings in tourism visitor totals of Caribbean countries to natural swimming places, now is a great time to investigate Belize as a real estate investment destination. Compared to other places in the Caribbean, property prices are currently affordable for paradise. Holiday time is a great time to visit a tropical locale, leaving colder climates behind while enjoying Belize's towns' festive charms. Waving palm trees are decorated with twinkly lights, and the beautiful barrier reef and green-blue sea invite you into enjoy SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

Belize is a great place for relaxed retirement, vacation retreat, or active outdoor adventure. Property in Belize is available in many styles and prices. Do consider Belize's vibrant holiday invitation soon -winter-time is among Belize's most popular tourism seasons. Let the Trade winds carry you to Belize directly from Chicago. I'll be happy to show visitors from Second City our first city of island enchantments, San Pedro Town.

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