UniqBuy Announces Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Launch with Industry-leading Affordable Rates For Serial Cigarette Users

Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Ensures a Smooth Switch Solution to a True Alternative to Smoking - Electronic Cigarettes

A recent fact-finding survey stretching across the main base of UK males and select females indicated that over 75% of cigarette and tobacco smokers and 64% of young and middle-aged adults are concerned about ways to switch to a safer, cost-effective and socially-acceptable way of quitting their smoking habits. This is easier said than done and this is where the electronic cigarette can help.

UniqBuy Electronics recently announced the launch of its All-in-One-Pack Complete eGo C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. With this, addicted smokers can now cut costs on expensive cigarette and tobacco-related products and do away with the poisonous toxins in tobacco while still getting their nicotine fix.

Addicted smokers can now avoid purchasing tobacco products and instead use electronic cigarette solutions such as the UniqBuy Electronic Cigarette Starter KitUniqBuy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

Many of the existing electronic cigarette kits look like real cigarettes and are sold as disposables that do indeed look like the real cigarette sticks. However, for everyday use, they will not give users a similar experience to the sensation of tobacco smoke and may be an ineffective alternative.

The Complete Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at UniqBuy Electronics is a package designed to allow smokers to get a true sensation of smoking without all or most of the nasty side effects.

The eGo C Electronic Cigarette Kit comes with a standard 650mah battery - this is a good size battery that gives a run time of about 8-12 hours. It is good for around 350 recharge cycles before it will need to be replaced.

Many e-cigarette kits come with smaller 250mah batteries. Of course, the smaller the design, the smaller the battery. Smaller battery = lower run time, more frequent recharges, and more frequent battery replacement.

In addition, a bigger battery can provide more power to the atomizer so that it vaporizes the liquid more effectively producing a better vaping experience. In order to prevent accidental discharge, the special 5 click locking mechanism ensures the battery does not get switched on accidentally in the pocket.

The UniqBuy kit is designed to be an all in one package to get you going -2 complete eGo C electronic cigarettes, 3 extra atomizer heads which when you compare with the beginner kits, is in real terms the equivalent of 3 extra tank atomizers, a wall charger as well as a USB charger, and five pre-filled liquid cartridges - all currently going for a steal at UniqBuy.

"This is UniqBuy's most popular and cost effective electronic cigarette starter kit solution (~£22 saving over single e-cigarette kits); a mid-range device with a solid, reliable performance. "If you want to get a true idea of what an e-cig can do for you, this is the e-cig kit to go for," states Nazeer Bhamji, CEO, UniqBuy Electronics. "What makes an e-cigarette is how well the battery, atomizer, and liquid work together to produce the flavor and throat hit".

The special atomizer design of the eGo C electronic cigarette is revolutionary as it splits into three parts making cleaning easy and cost effective as only the atomizer head generally needs replacing rather than the whole assembly.

To re-fill the electronic cigarette kit, all that is needed is to fill the cartridge with liquid. This is quicker and more convenient than other designs where the atomizer and liquid container is a combined unit.
For the first 40 customers, UniqBuy is offering a highly discounted rate on its Complete eGo C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit of only £24.99 - a saving of over 60% on its usual price.

In the current drive towards healthier living and cleaner environments, the electronic cigarette provides a real alternative smoking option to addicted smokers, young and old.

To learn more or grab this fantastic electronic cigarette offer, visit Visit UniqBuy Today.


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