Unilica Announces Completion of Beta Testing of Learning Management Application for Colleges and Universities.

Unilica has announced that the beta testing with more than thousand students during 2 semesters at Bilkent University in Turkey was a success and now it is being available to the world at no charge.

Unilica is now launching for students as well as teachers that is a proprietary web application which combines virtual learning with elements of social media. Rather than usage being spread to all users of the unilica, it is contained to users at specific institution. It is of special note that unilica is free of charge. Also, it is presented as "software as a service" which means there is no need for a technical staff and high cost hardware. All server needs are met by unilica server infrastructure. Mobile applications for Android and IOS are scheduled to be in use before 2014.

Unilica creates an environment in which members of an educational institution can connect with each other both socially and academically. It provides comprehensive learning features like assignments, grade book, lecture materials, surveys, calendars, collaboration spaces, news feeds and much more. Virtual learning features are based on social networking ideas. Unilica makes student life much easier and streamlined for the individuals. For instance; students can see an assignment of a new homework or a recently uploaded lecture material on their course news feed immediately. All updates and changes are immediately reflected to the newsfeed.

What makes Unilica so different from traditional online learning management applications, it provides an environment in which students can share personal photos on their profile page and learn their grades at the same time in other words using unilica is fun.

All this access is not limited to just the students and professors. School staff can also interact by posting departmental updates and collaborate with anyone on campus. Alumni have access to create profile pages, post updates, upload photos as well as publish thoughts via specific hash tags.

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Unilica is a Ankara-based tech startup. It specializes in virtual learning solutions. To learn more about the Unilica format or how it can benefit your college or university, visit www.unilica.com.


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