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Understanding NFPA 79 White Paper

C&M Corporation, a vertically integrated manufacturer of bulk cable, coil cords, and cable assemblies, has announced the availability of a new white paper entitled, "Understanding NFPA-79".

As the document points out, one of the focuses of the latest edition of the document is to improve product safety by ensuring that appropriate types of wire and cable are used in the application with regard to current carrying capacity, temperature rating, or flammability. As such, the guidelines for NFPA-79 compliant products are more stringent than those cables allowed by past editions.

As OEM engineers design equipment and installers prepare the units for use, the selection of the right wiring is critical to ensuring the machine is safe, will pass inspection by local inspectors, and will be available for use as expected. This white paper helps clarify some of the parameters of the new standard and how the new guidelines affect those who have input into the wiring choices for installed machinery.

This white paper will be available on the C&M website (www.cmcorporation.com) and can be found in "News and Events" section, located under the "Resources" tab.

C&M Corporation, headquartered in Wauregan, CT, is an integrated manufacturer of bulk cable, coil cords, and cable assemblies (both molded and mechanical). C&M offers manufacturing options in the US, Mexico, and China and produces a wide range of cable interconnect solutions for the Industrial, Multi-media, Renewable Energy, Military, Medical, Data Collections, and Datacom/Telecom marketplaces. C&M is a leader in providing engineered interconnect solutions through reliable customer service, world class quality systems, and a wide breadth of manufacturing capabilities that include bulk cable production, internal mold tool fabrication, and innovative assembly constructions. For more information call 860-774-4812 or visit C&M at www.cmcorporation.com.

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