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Suntex is one of the leading dealers for Sun protection products in Norway. It offers a wide range of shading products including Safety and frosted film from several manufacturers.

Every home would need sun protection that restricts the intensity of sunlight to protect their family and belongings. Suntex serves to offer the right product in sun protection for their customers by having an on-spot visit to the customer's premises. Their products include safety film, frosted film and solar shading. The customers need not pay anything for inspection.

"A glass surface which is used as a path for light in buildings would certainly need sun protection for several reasons," the spokesperson from Suntex reports.

He adds, "Direct sunlight falling on a glass surface may be compared to 800W radiant pr.m2. This may reduce the energy efficiency by undoing the work of the air conditioner. Glass also allows the penetration of Ultra- Violet radiation. Installing suitable solar shading helps your air conditioner serve you better; it also filters the UV-rays giving you a cool and enjoyable ambience." With a number of available shading materials influencing sun protection, selecting the right type of Solskjerming would ensure effective and trouble free shading."

Suntex offers Sun protection materials in the form of films. Frosted film is one which looks like a sand blasted glass, transparent and gives a good aesthetic appeal with plotting. Solar shading films are quite inexpensive which slip through 70% light and prevents heat. Lastly, the safety film is a break-proof material and is an effective UV filter.

"With a number of effective features safety film is also known as security film. This film could be attached to glasses which effectively protect the glass from breaking during any unexpected event and thereby preventing injuries to people. The security film has got UV- filtering feature which reduces fading. Adhering with these features Sikkerhetsfilm has the ability to provide shading," added the spokesperson explaining one of the interesting products in Suntex.

About Suntex:

Suntex Oslo, Norway, are dealers in sun protection products from leading manufactures. They involve in larger projects for state, municipal and commercial buildings. Suntex offers its services with loyalty at a reasonable price. For more details log on to:


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