UndefinedRO|Innovation Speeds Actuate's Customer Reference Response Time with Increased Customer Engagement C

RO|Innovation, the pioneer in activating the voice of the customer in the B2B sales cycle, today announced that Actuate Corporation has selected RO|ReferenceView

The strategic integration points and configured search wizards of Actuate's instance of the customer reference solution make finding the right customer information and marketing collateral faster and easier. Accordingly, customer search results are more robust, accurate and easier to leverage in Actuate's sales cycles.

"RO|ReferenceView has delivered tremendous time savings, particularly when responding to all the different types of customer requests from sales and marketing," said Thomas Bayens, Senior Manager of Customer Engagement at Actuate. "Before, customer references and their associated materials were housed in multiple spots, so it could sometimes take hours to identify and match the right customer information for a sales, marketing or public relations request."

"With ReferenceView, we can centralize, organize and leverage our customer assets and marketing collateral more effectively," explained Bayens. "Now we're able to find what we need in a matter of seconds to fulfill requests quickly and thoroughly, and present alternatives as needed. Plus, it enables us to better engage and respond to customers. "

The integration of the ReferenceView system also puts relevant customer reference information and sales assets at the fingertips of Actuate's sales reps during their daily operations. The single sign on convenience of the integration, combined with the customer and asset search functionality gives sales reps greater self-service capabilities without slowing down their sales cycles.

"The configurability and flexibility of our solution means it can be used as more than just a robust customer reference management application," said Jim Mooney, CEO of RO|Innovation. "The system's ability to organize, find, send and track voice of the customer intelligence and collateral makes it an ideal solution from both the customer management and sales enablement sides of the fence. We love helping our customers tailor the solution to activate the voice of the customer in unique ways. It's their requests and ideas that help us continually evolve and innovate our own product offerings in the marketplace."

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