UMT360 Announces the Release of UMT360 Portfolios

UMT360 is pleased to announce the release of its newest Enterprise Portfolio Management module, UMT360 Portfolios, which provides up-to-date metrics and complete transparency across portfolios so executives are able to make better business decisions.

UMT360 is pleased to announce the release of a new module in its leading Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) solution. UMT360 Portfolios helps connect siloed portfolios (e.g. project, application, IT Service and business capability) to build a dynamic blueprint of a company's operating fabric.

With access to up-to-date data and metrics and complete transparency across portfolios, executives are able to easily model the cross portfolio impact of proposed changes, collaborate with stakeholders to communicate tradeoffs, and finalize transformation roadmaps.

"At UMT360, we have always seen Enterprise Portfolio Management as a discipline that understands interrelationships and dependencies between portfolios to help companies make better business decisions," said UMT360 CEO Mike Gruia. "Our UMT360 Portfolios module is designed on this philosophy. It breaks down the walls between siloed portfolios and provides companies with 360 degree visibility across all their enterprise investments so they're able to make more informed investment decisions."

With UMT360 Portfolios, businesses are able to digitalize the entire enterprise investment process, deliver significantly more value and reshape their technology investments for lower cost and higher performance.

UMT360 Portfolios provides three breakthrough Enterprise Portfolio Management models to digitalize enterprise investments. The Portfolio Integration model maps the relationships and dependencies between enterprise portfolios (e.g. business capability, product, project, application and IT service portfolios) to build a dynamic blueprint of the operating fabric of the business. The Financial transparency model utilizes these relationships to go beyond the static "chart of accounts" view provided by ERP systems to derive the fully loaded costs of projects and assets and streamline budgeting and forecasting. The Analysis & Roadmaps model helps analyze portfolios and promotes collaboration to assess trade-offs and improve investment decisions resulting in higher quality demand. Intuitive transformation roadmaps provide greater visibility across both short-term and long-term demand.

For more information about UMT360 Portfolios, visit UMT360 is built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and is the only enterprise portfolio management solution to provide seamless integration with Project Server.

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