Ultralingua Bookshelf Raises the Bar for IOS Dictionary Apps

Ultralingua's completely rewritten multi-lingual dictionary apps provide unparalleled power and ease of use combined with industry-leading data from HarperCollins, Le Robert, Vox, and Ultralingua. Perfect for travelers, students and translators.

The dictionary software team at Ultralingua has announced a major upgrade to their line of over 30 multi-lingual dictionary apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The updated apps are available now on the App Store. Existing customers can upgrade for free.


According to Ultralingua's founder and CTO Jeff Ondich, "This update is a complete rewrite and redesign of the apps' user interface and search engine, based on years of user testing and customer feedback. We learned enough about our products' strengths and weaknesses that we decided to just start from scratch and take our time. We love the result, and think our customers will, too."

Major improvements include:

* Streamlined navigation, for fast consultation. All searching, conjugation, number translation, etc. happens from a single search box, with all results on a single screen.

* Smart search searches both languages simultaneously, finds root words and accent-insensitive matches, adjusts for articles and prepositions (e.g. "l'homme" finds "homme"), etc.

* The dictionaries feature a beautifully rendered, completely redesigned dictionary display.

* The powerful and convenient in-line verb conjugator includes translations and many new tenses.

* iCloud enables you to combine your separate Ultralingua dictionaries into the convenient all-in-one Ultralingua Dictionary Bookshelf app.

* Mark words and conjugations as Favorites, and share them using Twitter and Facebook.

* You can change fonts and font sizes.


To try out an Ultralingua dictionary before buying, you can download the Ultralingua Dictionary Bookshelf app for free and try any of its demo datasets. All of the titles available for sale in the Bookshelf come with a free, fully functional demo containing only the entries starting with the letter M.


Collins-Robert Concise French Dictionary Ultralingua's top French-English app has received a major overhaul, developed in close collaboration with Collins and Le Robert, publishers of French-English dictionaries widely considered the best in the world. The updated app, which is extremely rich in example phrases, usage guidance, and cultural notes, uses the Collins Robert Concise Dictionary 8th Edition © HarperCollins Publishers and Dictionnaires Le Robert 2011.

Ultralingua's announcement also includes upgrades to seven other titles based on Collins datasets.


There are four new Ultralingua Dutch language titles: Dutch-English, Dutch-French, Dutch-German, and Dutch-Spanish, all of which include full conjugations of verbs for each language. These titles are available exclusively through the Ultralingua Dictionary Bookshelf


Ultralingua's Latin-English app is now based on the 1879 classic "A Latin Dictionary" by Charlton T. Lewis and Charles Short, digitized and made available in the public domain by the Perseus Digital Library, and edited for Ultralingua by Classicist Robert Hardy, Ph.D. This revamped title provides complete conjugations for both the Latin and English verbs found in the text.


* Ultralingua's blog post about the update: http://blog.ultralingua.com/2013/05/free-ultralingua-ios-upgrades-to.html

* Illustrated guide to the new features: http://ultralingua.com/info/ul2features

* Video showing the new apps in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_oSiOqP1_U

* Video on how to use iCloud to combine your separate Ultralingua dictionaries into the Ultralingua Dictionary Bookshelf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C020Ctlqwj8