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Contract Guardian is one of the key marketing products of Rippe and Kingston. It is basically contract management software developed for hospital purpose.

Stepping further ahead in its endeavour of serving the busiest businesses of the market, Contract Guardian has taken a leap forward for providing more flexible services. This time it's launching all-device supporting software!

With a global recognition of clientele base in over 9 countries and 43 States, Contract Guardian is a household name in various sectors like healthcare. The brainchild of Rippe and Kingston, Contract Guardian provides an array of expert solutions and professional insights like public accounting, capital advisory and information technology.

With an able expertise and wide range of solutions to provide, R&K holds partnerships with leading enterprises like DocuSign, Google, LANSA, Peak 10, Vault400 and Microsoft. Recently it has launched the gold edition of contract management software. This package is incredibly awesome, is comprehensive and intuitive and supports a full suite of feature for managing the contracts. The software is designed as such; there is no requirement for any agreement or warranty or any other related documents and data. In other words, one can easily handle the contracts and can go through the features of the software. They are very user friendly.

Clients have a lot to say about this innovativeness of Rippe & Kingston. "Unlimited contract types and user defined fields assure us that we can address any contract today and in the future", says one of the clients. Another says, "Access from anywhere, anytime and almost any device including Windows/Mac, Tablets and Smartphone's means we always have immediate access."

Why healthcare sector? When there was plethora of options for Rippe and Kingston to initiate their business, why did they choose healthcare? No doubt, other sectors like real estate have a good prospect! They went ahead in healthcare industry as there are many regulatory compliance and stringent guidelines for controlling the privacy. And in order to over regulate all those regulations efficient contract management software is required. And subsequently for building good software, one needs to have a strong insight and expertise over the market. And who can it be other than R&K?

About Contract Guardian:

Contract Guardian is one of the key marketing products of Rippe and Kingston. It is basically contract management software developed for hospital purpose. It stores and manages all the confidential, accounts and other related aspects of the hospital. It is supported on all devices like Windows, Mac, Tablets and SmartPhones. Learn more about Contract Guardian and other contract management software available at Rippe and Kingston at http://www.contractguardian.com/

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