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ULA Hosts Their Largest Fundraiser For Orphaned Children in Uganda

Ugandan Lambs Association (ULA-USA) is hosting their largest fundraiser of the year on February 7th for orphaned and HIV/AIDS children in Central Uganda to raise funds for storm damage to their residences and increased educational costs.

Ugandan Lambs Association (ULA-USA) is having their largest fundraiser on February 7th to raise much-needed funds to help restore the damaged residences from severe rainstorms in March last year for the children and increased educational costs this year.

Through ULA's fundraisers and sponsorship programs, they are able to provide these orphaned children with a safe and nurturing environment, facilitate and monitor their education, and promote their health and well-being, which gives the children a foundation on which to build a successful life and become leaders in their community.

The school year for ULA children is from January to December with 3-6 week breaks in April, August and December. During school breaks the children return to the ULA homes in the villages of Kayunga and Namugongo. The children attend boarding school while in the Ugandan Lambs program for several reasons.

Boarding schools allow them to attend some of the top ranking schools in the country based on Ugandan National Test Score results. The local public schools are overcrowded and do not have the resources that the private facilities are able to offer and generally rank marginally on the standardized tests.

Unemployment is very high in Uganda, making it essential for the children to be among the top performers in their peer group. The ULA Administrator in Uganda, Ronald Sebuliba, is a school teacher and former school principal. In addition to selecting top ranked schools, he is able to assist the children to make wise academic choices as they progress in their schooling.

Please visit ULA's website if you wish to help out in this shared endeavor of helping them to produce the future leaders of Uganda, or call them at their main USA office, 1-562-988-8984.

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