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UK's Asholt Investments Joins Laureate Advisory Board

Laureate has entered into a Referral Fee partnership with UK investment firm.

Laureate Trust a leading global asset management firm, today announced the appointment of John Acland to their Advisory Board. Mr. Acland is the director of Asholt Investments, a property developer with projects in the United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands and the United States.

"John is among the most accomplished, respected and forward-thinking entrepreneurs in property management and development, we are thrilled to welcome him to Laureate BVI," said Jacob Charts, Laureate's Executive Director of Private Client Group.

Peter Tasca, CEO of Laureate Trust, a British Virgin Islands based fund which returned 23% net of fees in 2013 states, "Mr. Acland brings a tremendous resource to our partnership bringing a wealth of insight and introducing clients that he has key relationships with spanning several regions."

Investors took notice when Laureate BVI launched a retail fund with a €2,500 minimum investment. Tasca says, "We've had huge demand for our retail fund. We've spoken to investors that want a fund that can profit in any market environment."

Laureate's Advisor Referral programme gives Advisors the ability to introduce the Laureate fund to their clients with no additional management fees. Tasca states, "It's a win for the client and the advisor because the client gets a top performing fund without additional fees and the advisor can focus on client representation."

"As a professional investor I evaluated four top performing funds and Laureate BVI was the best one. There are thousands of managers that try to outpace the S&P 500 but only a fraction can do it consistently," said Mr. Acland.

Laureate BVI will focus on housing, debt instruments and technology in 2014. They expect to generate double digit returns once again.

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Laureate Trust provides expert portfolio management that achieves optimal results. The proven trading strategies are based on four principles: diversification, technical analysis, trend following and risk management, which combined have the potential to profit from any economic situation. In 2013 this multiple platform strategy returned +23.01% net of all fees.

For more information on Laureate Trust, contact Private Client Group +1-310-492-5301.

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