UK Building Compliance is a veteran that carries out multiple tests and calculations to check for energy efficiency level of a building. Now the agency has decided to add wing to their long list of service by introducing SAP calculations.

In an event organized at a big conference hall, the agency head broke the news of their new service. Addressing the audience, in which preponderant majority was building developers, he explained the importance of SAP calculation for a building. "According to new enforced regulations in UK, SAP calculation is mandatory for every new building and even the existing properties converted into residential dwellings. We have expert professionals to perform the task of SAP calculation on your building with complete professionalism and preciseness. So you just call us in and for the rest, our experts are there to take care of", he added.

As per UK Government building development regulation scheme, every new construction built after 2016 must have SAP calculations performed on it to ensure zero carbon emission. It means the highest authority is driving the country towards green revolution. "You know increasing addition of carbon to atmosphere has become a global concern. Unfortunately, we are yet to be fully aware of the potential hazards of carbon emission. Still, it is always better late than never. So from now on, we should educate ourselves with regards to SAP calculations and also ensure that it is performed on new as well as converted buildings as well".

"I want to beg the developers' attention to this matter as they have the responsibility to conform to regulation in force. By making sure SAP calculation is performed on their projects, they not only abide by the legal obligations but also stay aligned with moral responsibility of contributing towards 'go green' mission", he added. SAP calculation scheme has been introduced with an eye on clean and green environment. And less or nil carbon emission means you don't have to pay for a big size of energy bills at the end of every month. So that concept is also cost-saving on your part. If SAP calculation is not up to the mark, you can ask your developers to bring necessary changes so that it complies with the revised laws in this regard.

Echoing the same, the head added, "Sometimes you need to ring the changes for a better result. SAP calculation not only allows you to confirm that you follow the rules just like a good citizen but also help you accommodate changes in your business plan if the calculated figure is not satisfactory. So make sure to get it performed on your property to save on energy bill".

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