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Maintenance free decks by help save you time and money, as well as help the environment. will provide additional information about the benefits of maintenance free decks., a Minneapolis deck building company, is spreading the word that a maintenance free deck has an impact beyond improving the look of someone's home. There are several unnoticed long-term benefits that can be garnered through having one built. Maintenance free decks, as well as deck railings and outdoor spiral staircases built from maintenance free decking materials, can help save families significant cash over time. Additionally, the products can help the environment in several ways.

Many companies producing and selling maintenance free decking materials utilize recycled materials, as well as non-toxic materials, which helps to lessen the impact on landfills and the environment. Further, as more families realize the benefits of maintenance free decks and choose them over wooden decks and patios, there is less of a need for deforestation.

In a troubling economy, homeowners need every dollar they can save, and a maintenance free deck affords them the capability of recouping funds that might have otherwise been spent on yearly maintenance of a wooden deck. Because maintenance free decking materials used in the decks, deck railings, and spiral staircases available from's products do not suffer damage from weather, water, mold, stains, and will not crack, chip or peel, homeowners save both time and money.

Recent information from states that the cost of building a deck averages $9,075-$12,838 for a 16x20-foot deck addition using pressure-treated wood, and $14,598-$16,956 for the same size deck using composite decking materials. While a maintenance free deck may cost more initially, yearly maintenance costs of owning a wooden deck average $500-$1,200. This includes light maintenance tasks such as staining and power washing, as well as maintenance costs for wooden decks in need of more significant repairs that can average $1,000-$5,000.

With significant savings, a less significant footprint on the environment, and more leisure time to enjoy an outside environment rather than working to maintain it, increasing numbers of homeowners are making the switch to a maintenance free deck. More information about maintenance free decks, deck railings and spiral staircases, and the benefits they provide, can be found at

About is a deck building company serving the Twin Cities metropolitan area. It specializes in maintenance free decks and decking materials, deck railings, and outdoor spiral staircases. The owners' 35 years of combined experience has helped the company grow and gain hundreds of satisfied customers since 2005. Today, the team of Minnesota deck builders offers the widest range of maintenance free decking material in the Twin Cities.


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