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UGE's VisionAIR Wind Turbine Receives Power Curve Certification from Intertek

Intertek testing confirms that UGE's VisionAIR turbine is twice as efficient as several of its competitors.

New York, NY - UGE has completed third party power performance testing, culminating in a certified power curve for its VisionAIR wind turbine. This places the VisionAIR on a short list of wind turbines which have completed this level of certification, and further confirms its status as the world's leading wind turbine of its type.

Vertical axis wind turbines, such as the VisionAIR, have become popular for a wide variety of installations in environments ranging from remote to urban, as they can produce on-site energy without the noise and vibration levels encountered with other types of wind turbines. By completing the power performance certification, the VisionAIR is now eligible for certain government incentives. Additionally, third party verification of the turbine's energy output makes it a more attractive option for financiers in the renewable and distributed energy space who are looking for greater level of confidence on the financial returns of their projects.

The power production testing of the VisionAIR was performed in accordance with the IEC 61400-12 by the laboratory Intertek in their small wind test facility in upstate New York, USA. The testing confirmed that the turbine begins exporting power at wind speeds as low as 3.5 m/s [7 mph] and is twice as efficient as several of its competitors. This certification is in addition to the electrical safety and noise emission certifications the turbine has already received.

This is a another step in UGE's efforts to provide the highest quality renewable energy systems in the world. UGE's customers and worldwide Partner Network now have access to additional benefits, including government grants and tax incentives, which will improve the ROI and reduce the already short payback periods of projects that incorporate the VisionAIR.

"At UGE we are very excited about this certification" said Scott Van Pelt, VP of Engineering at UGE. "It is a big step forward for vertical axis wind turbine technology, further proving it as a viable source of distributed energy."

The VisionAIR turbine will continue spinning as it looks to complete the AWEA 9.1 certification in the coming months. Commercial versions of the product are already installed and operating in dozens of countries around the world, with many additional projects to be installed in 2014.


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