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Ugandan Lambs Housing Hit By Torrential Storms

Uganda was recently hit by torrential rain and thunder storms causing damage to crops and housing across the nation. The storms which started March 20 are expected to continue over the next few weeks.

Ugandan Lambs Association (ULA) USA received a frantic telephone call from, Ronald Sebuliba, ULA Administrator in Uganda, advising our USA Coordinator that the roof had blown off the ULA Residence in Namugongo and that the house was severely damaged. The storm which started on March 20 is expected to continue throughout the next few weeks.

The replacement residence, still under construction, nearby for ULA to relieve overcrowded conditions for their children does not have windows or doors which would make it unsafe for the children to reside there. The Namugongo facility presently houses 32 children when they are not away at boarding school.

Good News: None of the ULA children were hurt or in the house when the storms hit since they are attending school away from the facility.

Estimated Damage to Current Housing: $4,000. Rather than repair the damaged house, ULA has decided to continue construction on the newer facility so the children will have a safer residence when they come home from a school break in April. The estimate and request for emergency funds is $6,000 to continue move forward on completing construction on the new Namugongo facility so the children will have accommodation when they arrive home from school at the end of April.

Projected Outcome from Completed Housing Construction: The completed new residence housing project will enable the ULA children to move into a more spacious living conditions for the children when they are home from school breaks. Presently, they are living in cramped conditions at the current facility only built for about 20 children at the most.

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