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UBD Synch Replaces Physical Tape Media for Offsite and DR Backups for IBM I Shops

With the introduction of UBD Synch from LaserVault, businesses using Linux or IBM i no longer have to create or transport physical tape backups to an off-site disaster recovery (DR) location.

With the introduction of UBD Synch from LaserVault, businesses using Linux or IBM i no longer have to create or transport physical tape backups to an off-site disaster recovery (DR) location. The new feature is immediately available as an add-on to LaserVault's Universal Backup Device (UBD), the disk-to-disk (D2D) tapeless backup solution for Linux, iSeries, AS/400, and System i hosts.

With UBD Synch, users can now automatically replicate compressed and encrypted tape image files from a local UBD appliance across a network or the internet to a remote UBD appliance or file server at any location. This eliminates the necessity of handling actual tape backups, while it ensures that a company's data is complete and secure at an offsite location.

UBD is a tape emulation solution that saves files as tape images so the files can always be restored, whether they are stored on-site, or off-site via UBD Synch. With UBD, typical compression for IBM SAVLIB files is 5 to 1, or 20% of the uncompressed file size.

Rick Wilson, VP of Sales and Support at LaserVault, states: "With UBD, companies no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of tape. Since UBD stores the IBM i files as tape images they are readily available when restores are needed. Now with UBD Synch the tape image files are automatically transferred off-site electronically, simplifying the process even more."

UBD is a Fibre Channel connected appliance that appears as a tape device to an IBM i or Linux host. It is designed for IBM iSeries businesses that backup to tape and are looking to save time and achieve more secure backups. UBD stores backup tape images compressed and encrypted on a local UBD appliance, or its attached storage such as a SAN or NAS. UBD Synch transfers those encrypted files to the remote server. UBD Synch operates as a scheduled task, and can also be automatically started when the backup process is completed.

Wilson adds, "This newest feature should hold special appeal to small and medium-sized businesses as it can be used in place of other more expensive replication software. Depending on the company, not having to create, arrange for, and/or transport physical tapes to their off-site location should be a significant savings in time and resources. Along with this is their reassurance in knowing that their tape image files are located securely offsite in case of an unexpected disaster. The speed of UBD's backups combined with the features of UBD Synch make for a powerful product that is incredibly easy to use and install, and very affordable. Every IBM i shop should be using it to speed up and simplify their backup processes."

UBD Synch is compatible with all versions of UBD, and for current users installation of the new feature can be completed via remote access in less than an hour.

Electronic Storage Corporation, founded in 1989, is the creator of LaserVault document management and backup and recovery software products, designed for seamless integration, ease of use, scalability and affordability. LaserVault software gives businesses instantaneous access to critical business records, and is used by small to large businesses representing many industries, including: hospitality, financial, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, government, telecommunications, wholesale, retail, hospitals, pharmaceutical, construction, education, and utility companies.

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