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UAttend Announces the Release of Improved Version 2

Already known for its advanced and revolutionary employee management systems, uAttend is all set to capture the attention of business organizations by introducing the more efficient and improved Version 2.

For many years, uAttend has been known as the reliable and competent partner having introduced one of the most efficient employee management systems available today. This main precept of the uAttend system is that it has made time and attendance management simple and smart. Keeping up the tradition of delivering the best to their clients, uAttend has released the eagerly-awaited version 2.

With their passion to achieve customer satisfaction, uAttend has proved itself truly deserving of its excellent position in the market with a growth curve many would be envious of! Whether it's about innovative employee time tracking systems or providing customer support, uAttend has always delivered over and above the expectations of its clients. The cutting-edge innovations are not only offering unmatchable efficiency in managing employee time and attendance procedures, but are also very attractively priced. The latest additions in Version 2 will be equally beneficial for medium and smaller-sized businesses as well as larger organizations with dispersed work forces, offering them a wide array of options while still maintaining the cost efficiency.

The latest additional features have proved very useful for the existing users. With improvements in efficiency and extended capability it will provide benefits by offering ease in usability and in day-to-day use of the employee management system. With the new features, Version 2 users will be able to operate the uAttend system more efficiently. Here are some of the new features incorporated in the advanced version 2:

Dashboard Homepage
Clocking Management Tab
Expanded Mobile Application
Enhanced Clocking Report
Account Drop Down Menu
Easy to Access Archive Links
Web Clocking Enhancements
Employee, Supervisor and Administrator Electronic Signing of Timecards
New Terminal Features

Dashboard Features:
With the uAttend V2 Upgrade, administrators will be able to control and change the look of the administrator home page. Administrators may also choose to turn "on" or "off" the "Dashboard", to enable viewing or a variety of productivity charts and efficiency reports. The V2 upgrade Dashboard is divided into four specific sections, which can be enabled or disabled by the administrator through the Settings tab. The new Dashboard settings include:

Hours By Department - Displays the total working hours of employees during the pay period by department.

Hours By Pay Period - Displays the total working hours of employees during the pay period by pay code.

Who's In - Gives a clear view to administrator of clocking in and out of employees in real time. Filters for IN, Out and Missing Clocking are included.Upcoming Public Holidays - Shows the upcoming public holidays and events.

Clocking Management Tab:
The new Clocking Management tab will give administrators the ability to manage all methods of clocking on one single screen. The consolidated clocking management screen allows users to manage the clocking in and out through the following:

Timeclocks with Requests for Absence&Hours Worked, Tip and Expense Screens
Web clocking with IP Address Security
Landline Phone Clocking with Caller ID Security
Smart Phone Clocking with Geo-Location Security

Enhanced Clocking Report:
With this feature administrators will be able to have a complete overview of clocking in and out of all the employees of all the departments including clocking location or phone number/IP address.

Account Drop Down Menu:
With the account drop down menu, a user will be able to manage his/her account settings and ensure they logout easily to prevent misuse and discrepancies.

Easy to Access Archive Links:
The Upgrade to Version 2 allows easy access to archive informationally enabling the display of archived users directly from the main user and department screens.

Web Clocking Enhancements:
The latest upgrade includes the ability to add notes when clocking in and out through the web and on a smart phone app. Through the web and on the new clocking terminals employees will be able to record lunch breaks and working time spent on the job as well as clock on to different departments for department cost analysis.

Job Tracking:
Job Numbers can be entered using the web and new clocking terminals by employees enabling them to record time worked on different jobs and sub jobs.

Employee, Supervisor and Administrator Electronic Signing of Timecards:
With this feature, if it is turned on, employees are required to electronically sign their timecards to confirm the working hours they have worked and they are requesting to be paid for. Supervisors and administrators can then subsequently authorize and lock the timecards ensuring the audit trail of hours worked through to payroll is accurate.

Access-to-Time, based in Somerset, UK, assists all types of businesses and organizations to equitably save time and increase profitability by more efficiently managing their employees' timekeeping functions using powerful Time and Attendance software UK. Access-to-Time is changing the way the world is using T&A management.

Access-to-Time offers and implements computerized T&A hardware and software systems in addition to offering skillful and professional advice as well as dependable continuing assistance to all types of businesses and organizations managing 5 to 5,000 plus employees. Clients appreciate the seamless monitoring of hours worked, time off, time-savings and reduced payroll costs. Most experience a savings of at least 2% of all payroll costs once this state of the art T&A system has been implemented.

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