U.S. Consumers Can Save Money with Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Uninsured, Underinsured Families Can Save Thousands with Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

The rising costs of health care and prescription drugs make it very important for U.S. consumers to use every resource to save on their health care costs, especially if they are underinsured or have no health insurance. A new site enables consumers to save substantial money on their prescription drug costs and compare prices with online pharmacy reviews of Canadian sources. In many cases, the potential savings can be 75 percent or more when compared to U.S. prices.

The federal government no longer prevents U.S. consumers from buying up to 90 days worth of prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. That means it is possible to save a great deal of money when using sites like eDrugSearch.com to compare drug prices between some of the top Canadian sources and save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars over several months on prescription medication costs.

"Federal regulations have loosened on purchasing from Canadian pharmacies, which means there is money to be saved on prescription drugs," said Cary Byrd, President, eDrugSearch.com. "The Canadian government has restrictions on prescription drug prices, and that helps U.S. consumers to save a lot of money compared to the cost of buying the same medications from U.S. sources."

The Canadian federal government does not allow pharmaceutical companies to profit at the same rate they can in the United States on the retail cost of their medications. The tighter pricing regulations in Canada make it on average about 75 percent less costly to buy the same prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies than it would at U.S. drug stores. When using sites like eDrugSearch.com to conduct online pharmacy reviews and compare drug prices between U.S.-based and Canadian sources, most consumers will find they can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on costly prescription medications.

Recent developments in the U.S. have made it much easier to obtain prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Officials in the federal government recently began allowing U.S. citizens to buy up to a 90-day supply of their doctor-prescribed medications from Canadian pharmacies with additional orders available every 90 days. With a potential average savings of 75 percent and often times even more on some of the most prescribed drugs in the United States, consumers could save up to thousands of dollars on their annual prescription drug costs.

Unfortunately, most consumers in the United States do not know which pharmacies in Canada are the best and most affordable. That is where eDrugSearch.com provides an invaluable service by enabling consumers to conduct Canadian pharmacy reviews and locate the best rates from licensed and reliable sources in Canada.

When buying a 90-day supply, that means U.S. consumers can make the next order from a Canadian source in another 90 days and continue saving all year. They still get the same effective prescription drugs their doctors have determined they need for good health and can save money with online Canadian pharmacy reviews to save money compared to the cost of buying from U.S. pharmacies.

When it is possible to save so much by comparing online prescription rates, a leading resource like eDrugSearch.com empower U.S. consumers.

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