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U & Me Messenger Brings It All to a Competitive Market

U & Me Messenger is available on Android, as well as in the Apple and Windows store and through our website,

In today's competitive market there is no shortage of chat messenger applications to choose from. Simply put, if you do not stand out of the competition, you will fail quickly. At U & Me Messenger failure was not an option. That is why we knew that we had to take things to an entirely new level when developing U & Me Messenger. The results are a chat application that will far exceed all your expectations. Let's look at what all U & Me Messenger has to offer users.

Chat & Share With Anyone, Anywhere
Like the competitors, U & Me Messenger gives you the ability to make free, unlimited video and voice calls on your smartphone or keypad phone, but we give you so much more. You can record high-definition videos up to 10 minutes long and send them to anyone anywhere in the world. Do you have news to share with your entire family? Simply record and send it to the contacts you have assigned to your family group. In a matter of minutes, everyone knows your news, all at the same time.

Remind Yourself
Using our Voice Notes option, you have the ability to easily record something important for playback later. Do you often find yourself walking down the street, remembering something you need for home and then try to type it out on your phone while not running into others? This completely eliminates that entire problem. Simply click, record, and save for later.

File Share
U & Me Messenger also gives you the ability to conveniently share files with all your social networking contacts using our simple app. You can instantly share photos with friends or post them on Twitter and Facebook with one click. In addition, you can view, send, and forward file attachments to email IDs. Multiple file formats are supported. Want to share a web image? We have a "Web Images" feature that lets you quickly browse an unlimited number of images and share them with friends.

Find Friends & Events
U & Me Messenger gives you the ability to locate and contact other U & Me users that are nearby. There is no easier way to meet new people, particularly if you have just moved to a new area. In addition, you have the ability to create events and invite friends without a lot of fuss. Want to meet up for dinner? Simply create the event and send it to friends. You can track who is planning to join you, as well as discuss your plans with friends. There is no limit to the number of events you can track, so it is the perfect way to keep track of your coming schedule.

Create Surveys
Do you need help making a decision or simply have a few questions that you have been meaning to ask your friends and family? You can easily create and post a questionnaire or survey and send it to your contacts. Don't call everyone to ask what they think about you making a career change. Simply generate a survey, send it out, and wait to see the results.

Back-Up Or Share Your Chats
Do you have an overwhelming desire to share a chat conversation with a friend, but do not want the hassle of taking and sending screenshot after screenshot? U & Me Messenger allows you to email the entire conversation (or just the part you want to share) to your own email address or to a friend's email. In addition, if you feel like a conversation might come in handy in the future, you can transfer it to a personal storage device in a matter of seconds.

Show people how you really feel by adding emoticons to your chat. We have a wide selection to choose from that are perfect for spicing up an otherwise mundane conversation.

At U & Me Messenger, we are constantly thinking of new and exciting features for your phone that make life easier for you, so you can expect to see more options in the future. We are committed to bringing you the ability to engage in crystal clear conversations with people all over the world, as well as participate in high definition video chats. In addition, we have gone out of our way to create a chat messenger app that has everything you need.

U & Me Messenger is available on Android, as well as in the Apple and Windows store and through our website,
It is compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows mobile phones.

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