Tyme Global Includes Social Media Monitoring to Its List of Services

NEW YORK - Hoteliers can now capture the web savvy segment of travelers who take to social media to research a hotel's service or amenities with a single Twitter hashtag, by using Tyme Global's new social media monitoring service.

Tyme Global, the Manhattan-based hospitality communications hub, has now introduced a social media monitoring service offering alongside its voice service technology and PBX operator solutions. As a part of the current PBX operator service, Tyme Global stores a vast amount of their client's hotel data on their internal knowledgebase. They also train staff to learn the correct verbiage and responses required to answer calls directed to the hotels. In an age where guests research online to find out if a particular hotel has the amenities they seek, they can now get the answers to these questions by asking them on Twitter (with a hash tag chosen by the hotel). Tyme Global's operators will be alerted about these tweets and reply to them under an approved workflow.

Ryan Levin, CEO of Tyme Global explains; "Our New York based staff go through extensive training to learn all they can about the hotel property so they are able to use their knowledge to respond to calls accordingly. We have now extended our offering so that questions asked on social media can also be answered. Our existing 24 hour service gives us the ability to respond to questions on twitter on a 24 hour basis, providing real-time response capabilities for our clients."


Tyme Global LLC is a New York-based hospitality communications hub specializing in using the latest technology to significantly reduce front desk call traffic, removing the burden for hotels to manage in-house PBX, in-room dining order taking, HOTSOS, valet or any other guest dispatch requests.

To find out more about Tyme Global and how it can help you significantly reduce your front desk call traffic, please visit www.tymeglobal.com or call +1 212-796-1950.

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