Tycoonaire Gentlemen Sport Driving Resorts

The Princes Gate Group Ltd. has officially launched a new Opportunistic Real Estate investment program named after the project, Tycoonaire Gentlemen Sport Driving Resort

The Princes Gate Group Ltd. has recently launched an open-ended Opportunistic Real Estate Program dedicated to the development of a series of resorts centred on the passion for exclusive sports cars.

The real estate Class of Brightwell Portfolio Fund aims to provide investors substantial capital appreciation, double-digit return and a regular stream of semi-annual dividends by profiting from a market niche that has so far remained unexploited. "A new visionary concept to provide High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional Investors with the most tailored solutions, confirming the innovative spirit of our Group in a time when asset-backed alternative investment strategies confirm their role in any efficient portfolio", states Paolo Faldini, Founder and President of the Group.

The resorts, named after the Fund's dedicated brand "Tycoonaire Gentlemen Sport Driving Resort", will be completely environmentally friendly, have all the facilities and services those gentlemen drivers, targeted individuals and companies expect but never find, and much more. The resorts will enjoy green luxury architecture and include facilities such as a safe and secure private test track, a 5-star hotel, a luxury spa, a health centre with personal trainers, a dedicated clinic unit, a leisure land with go-kart circuit for children, sports centre with tennis academy, a polo field, a golf academy and a Green Technology Farm for the purpose of developing sustainable environmental solutions linked to the automotive world and a range of clean energy technologies. There will also be a residential area with individual villas and condominiums for Members who wish to own a house on the Riviera without having to deal with the issues of security, safety or privacy. The resorts will be highly secured and the residential area will preserve owners' privacy.

Outstanding solutions will be offered to car collectors and gentleman drivers. The test track and all related facilities will be designed with the supervision of Philippe Gurdjian and PHG Vision International, with his more than 40 years experience in motorsport, including the creation of some of the world's most impressive circuits and playing an instrumental role in 28 successful F1TM Grand Prix around the world, from Paul Ricard in France to Sepang in Malaysia, from Barcelona in Spain to Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. His experience will ensure that excellence will be achieved in the test track design solutions, marshals' lightning systems, communication, safety and security for both drivers and cars.

The fit between the different facilities and services on one side and the different business partners on the other are the core of this project and the source for providing Fund's Shareholders sustainable and strong returns in a controlled risk environment, and for delivering targeted customers and villa owners a unique and exclusive experience.

Luxury branding and marketing will be ensured by the long term experience of Joachim Swensson and his team at PNYG, who recently launched the innovative real estate concept of the first-ever series of luxury branded towers, the Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower. His skills and cooperation in many cross related disciplines will support the project through all stages of its development and operation.

In an international approach, the Tycoonaire concept is going to be developed in the most attractive and glamorous locations around the world. International Members will be entitled to profit from the benefits of a worldwide offer and will find the full range of top-class dedicated facilities to exploit their passion and their family lifestyle in a targeted selection of Tycoonaire destinations. The first resort is expected to start development on the French Riviera as early as 2011.

The Princes Gate Group, which has been recently nominated by key industry experts for the Hedge Funds Awards in New York in June 2009 and in Dubai in February 2010, is a private holding specialized in providing bespoke alternative investment solutions. Proprietary quantitative models for asset and risk management have been successfully developed since the early '90s, and a number of asset-backed strategies are also offered to longer term Investors.
Prospective investors in the Tycoonaire Gentlemen Sport Driving Resort class will be assisted by Sylvain Kouzoubachian, specialist of The Princes Gate Group real estate portfolio. Contact can be made through the company's website www.princesgategroup.com or by email at info@princesgategroup.com. The Princes Gate Group, 11 Rue du General Dufour, CH-1204 Geneva, Switzerland.


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