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TXT Shield Texting While Driving With New Android App

App prevents the display of and access to text messages, and sends auto responses to incoming texts to keep drivers focused on the road

TXT Shield today announces the launch of its app to prevent texting while driving. Now available in Google Play, TXT Shield uses proprietary software that incorporates GPS technology and carrier location-based services to establish the speed of a moving vehicle. When the user is driving at a constant speed, TXT Shield stops the display and access to text messages and sends an automatic text message reply to the sender letting them know that the user is driving. The TXT Shield app, available in two versions, serves as a viable solution to curb the distracted driving crisis.

In Google Play, the two versions of TXT Shield available are TXT Shield Gold and TXT Shield Lite. TXT Shield Gold provides highly-customizable options for the user and is ideal for parents of teen drivers to prevent their children from texting while driving. This version allows the administrator, typically a parent or employer, to install the app on a user's phone and customize settings. The administrator can set the activation speed of the app - between 10 to 40 mph - and modify the automatic response message using up to 140 characters. TXT Shield Gold also allows the administrator to enable or disable the app on a device for any period of time; this feature is password protected and can only be changed by the administrator. If the app is uninstalled or if the GPS functionality is disabled on the phone TXT Shield can send alerts to up to two additional mobile numbers.

TXT Shield Lite features a preset response message to incoming texts and is activated at a constant speed of 10 mph. Once the vehicle slows down below the activation speed, TXT Shield allows text message services to return to normal. The TXT Shield Lite version is primarily designed for drivers who need assistance in resisting the urge to text while driving but don't desire the custom features of TXT Shield Gold.

"I love the user friendliness of TXT Shield Gold, from navigation to set-up it was straightforward and easy," said TXT Shield Gold user, Raymond Randall. "I've seen other programs that come embedded on phones from carriers and I believe TXT Shield provides better parental controls since it can't be disabled by my kids. As a father with three young drivers, and a fourth on the way, this app provides me some peace of mind while my kids are driving. The auto response reduces the sense of urgency to respond to a text right away and helps ensure that my kids reach their destinations safely."

"The mortality rate of texting and driving is appalling and we created the TXT Shield app to stop drivers from texting while driving and to help save more lives," said Philip Stiles, president of TXT Shield. "Not only is it providing a viable solution for the persistent problem of distracted driving, but it's allowing all of us to become more responsible drivers and think about our actions while we're behind the wheel. Whether you're a parent trying to prevent your teen from texting while driving, an employer wanting to ensure your drivers are being safe on the road, or just an individual looking to curb the need to text while driving, TXT Shield is the perfect app to keep you safe while driving."

Location-based apps typically consume more battery than other apps as they depend on the consistent communication between a device's GPS and local cell towers to provide accurate information. However, the proprietary technology used in both versions of TXT Shield is designed to optimize battery life when the app is in use while still ensuring the highest level of performance and functionality. In order to provide the most accurate data, TXT Shield does not immediately activate when a user is driving as the app needs to first confirm the movement of the vehicle before activation. TXT Shield performs at its best when the user is driving at a continuous speed.

TXT Shield is now available for download in Google Play at an introductory price of $3.99 for TXT Shield Gold and $1.99 for TXT Shield Lite.

About TXT Shield
TXT Shield launched in 2014 in an effort to stop drivers from texting while driving. Utilizing GPS technology, TXT Shield establishes the speed of a moving vehicle and prevents the display and access to text messages while the user is driving. Once the vehicle slows down below the activation speed, text message services return to normal and all texts can be read and responded to by the user. Two versions, TXT Shield Gold and TXT Shield Lite, are available in Google Play to cater to the specific needs of the user. TXT Shield is headquartered in Orlando, FL. For more information visit:

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