TXI Systems Upgrades TOPS Driver Mobile Application

TXI Systems has launched new upgrades to its TOPS driver mobile application for the towing industry. TOPS driver is free for TOPS users and available on web-enabled phones and smart phones. New upgrades include an easier to navigate user interface.

TXI Systems, a leading provider of software solutions for the towing industry, announced today the launch of new upgrades to its popular TOPS driver mobile application. This mobile application is free for TOPS users and available on web-enabled phones and smart phones. The new upgrades give the application an easier to navigate user interface.

"TXI Systems is pleased to announce these new upgrades to TOPS driver." said Jeff Pesnell, COO of TXI Systems. "Communicating efficiently and accurately with your drivers is critical to a smooth running business. The flow of information between drivers and dispatch is important, but often inefficient with two-way radio, cell phones, or text messaging. TOPS Mobile solves this problem by bringing the dispatch system directly to drivers."

With TOPS driver, drivers have real time access to see and update calls dispatched to them. Drivers can see details about a call and update status for acknowledged, arrived, hooked, and dropped events. The mobile application greatly reduces the need for drivers to call dispatch. TOPS driver gives towing operators quick access to customers via phone or text message. Drivers are able to complete calls, enter invoice numbers, update vehicle data, scan and decode VIN numbers, and take and upload pictures of the vehicle being serviced. Enhanced turn-by-turn GPS directions from the driver's current location to the job or destination create improved efficiency.

The TOPS driver mobile application works in conjunction with the TOPS Dispatch and Inventory Management software. TOPS is a web-enabled software system designed to help towing companies better manage their business. Users can access the system from any web-enabled computer. The software supports call taking, dispatching, driver communications, record keeping, tow ticket management, inventory management, lien processing, auction management, and business reporting.

Jeff Poquette with Southside Wrecker, in Georgia, said he would happily recommend TOPS to anyone looking for a quality business class towing management program. "TOPS driver has improved our response time by 10% and has decreased our total call dispatch and completion time by 50%."

To learn more about TOPS and TOPS driver, visit www.txisystems.com.

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