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TX Plastic Surgeon Redefines Buttock Lift No Implants Required

There are actually two different procedures developed for cosmetic surgery to lift and reshape the buttocks.

Everyone wants to have a perky behind, like Kim Kardashian. Even celebrities are striving for the perfectly round and firm buttocks. There is no need to be a Kardashian just to get that "junk in the trunk" so many of us wish for. At the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX, Dr. Arturo Armenta, MD, has redefined the buttock lift without the need for implants.

There are actually two different procedures developed for cosmetic surgery to lift and reshape the buttocks. The first buttock lift procedure involves simply removing body fat from one place on your body and placing it in the buttocks. The second procedure for a buttock lift is for those people wishing to rid themselves of the common and undesirable "dimpled" or droopy behind. Dr. Armenta can perform liposuction to remove the bumpy fat. That sagging buttock we all fear to see in the mirror is back where it's supposed to be with just a nip and tuck by the good Doctor.

To gain that Kim Kardashian look would involve the first procedure. Called the "Brazilian Buttock Lift," Dr. Armenta removes fat, through liposuction, from one part of your own body, cleans the fat and replaced the fat cells into your buttocks. This procedure has eliminated the need for buttock implants. In addition, the fat used in you buttock is removed from you own body, thus reducing the fat from where it has been removed. That's right, a plump behind and a flat tummy, too.

The second buttock lift procedure is nearly always accompanied by a thigh lift and/or liposuction. Dr. Armenta removes, through liposuction, the fat from your "cottage cheese" thighs and buttock, then tightens the skin around the areas to give you the perk and lift that you desire.

Both buttock lift surgeries can result in not only the tight, round behind we so covet but can also increase the patient's self-confidence and self-image without major surgery. Dr. Armenta interviews and consults each potential patient prior to the decision for surgery to assure that the patient is of strong mental health.

Dr. Armenta, an American Board of Plastic Surgery Diplomat since 2009, is a member of the ASPS, TX Medical Association, Harris County Medical Association and specializes in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. His primary location is at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX. Educated at Stanford University, he then received his MD from the Baylor College of Medicine. He is also fluent in both the Spanish and English languages.

For further information regarding a "Buttock Lift" or other cosmetic and plastic surgeries, visit Dr. Armenta's website at

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