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Two Peart Fencing Employees Celebrate 25 Years Of Service

Peart Fencing is currently celebrating the loyalty of John Moulang and Freddie Peart, two employees who have worked for the company for 25 years

In today's world of business and entrepreneurship, it's difficult to find individuals who have made a point of contributing their efforts to the same company for well over two decades. At UK's Peart Fencing, however, there is no shortage of veteran professionals. The company is currently celebrating 25 years of service from two of their most significant employees, each of which has contributed immensely to the growth, development and sustainability of this highly respected fencing supply company.

John Moulan, the metal shop supervisor, currently oversees the welding of gates and the railings. Ј1 million of revenue is created by his team on an annual basis, roughly equating to 2,500 gates manufactured per year. During his tenure with Peart, therefore, Moulan has produced nearly 60,000 gates. He initially started off as a metal worker, or, using contemporary jargon, a fabricator. He now manages a team of 14.

Freddie Peart first went to university and then joined the Army prior to the initiation of his formative role within Peart Fencing. He joined the business at the age of 23. He went directly into the fuel and oil side of the business, where he has worked primarily in sales. He is the owner of the business, and works to ensure that all of the Peart brands are trading effectively and continue to accurately represent the professionalism and commitment to excellence embodied within the Peart brand name.

John's work anniversary was in January, and he is being presented with a solid gold watch that has been engraved to fully commemorate his achievement. Freddie's celebration will occur in June, and, although no celebration plans have been formulated as of yet, details will be provided soon.

Colin Stead, managing director of Peart Fencing, was quoted as saying, "It's unique to see someone who has the loyalty and determination to stay and grow with a business, and it's wonderful when someone does that. We are proud to have two members of staff reaching that milestone, albeit one being the owner. This just provides further evidence as to how solid our company really is. John is a very loyal member of staff, and we are so pleased with what he has achieved for and with Peart. We hope that he will be with the business for many years to come."

Although John and Freddie currently hold the longest tenures in Peart Fencing's respectable history, it stands to reason that many of the younger professionals working here will strive to carry on the legacy that these two icons have established.

Peart Fencing sells both pre-fabricated and bespoke fencing and gate products to clients across the UK.

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