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Twigle, A Unique Birding App That Identifies Birds By Their Songs Is Being Launched On 16 April 2014

Twigle is a revolutionary birding app that performs automatic bird song identification, and is going to be released on 16 April 2014. Twigle records the singing of a bird, and identifies the bird in seconds.

Bird song identification is useful for the many times when you can't see the bird but can hear it singing.

What sets Twigle apart from other birding apps out there is its ability to record a singing bird and identify the bird by its song. It pretty much does for birds what music recognition apps do for music.

Developed by Avelgood Apps, Twigle is going live on the Windows Phone Store, where it will be free to download, at noon (GMT) on Wednesday 16 April 2014. For those in the northern hemisphere, this will be perfect timing as spring has just set in. After installing Twigle, users can download the database for either North American or European birds.

Twigle returns the correct bird in the top 10 about 70% of the times. The total number of birds that Twigle's database has about 300 birds, and those that it can recognise using audio recognition is currently about 100 species, representing European and North American birds.

"Twigle pushes the boundaries of what we can do with our smartphones", said Gift Gana, CEO of Avelgood Apps. He added that, "We do note that the performance is not yet at par with what music recognition apps can do, but it's a huge step in making the task of identifying birds easier".

"We have just made easier the answer to the question 'What's that bird?': 'Just Twigle it!'".

For scenarios when bird song recognition is not possible e.g. when there is a lot of noise or for species that are not yet in the audio recognition database, Twigle incorporates features found in traditional birding apps that allow the user to input the bird's features like size, feather colours, habitat, etc. and the app will find birds that match those features.

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