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Twelve Reasons You Should Give Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs a Try

Dr. Li Zheng's second book "Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs for Common Diseases" sheds light on how acupuncture and herbs can treat the root cause of the twelve common diseases in a cost-effective way.

The increasing stress levels, environmental pollutants, unhealthy foods make us prone to sickness more than ever. Yet, the rising cost of healthcare has made treating diseases less affordable. Dr. Li Zheng's new book, entitled "Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs for Common Diseases" show that most common diseases can be treated cost-effectively by acupuncture and herbal medicine. Better yet, these traditional Chinese medicine approaches treat the root cause of the problem.

In this self-help book, Dr. Zheng shares her insights on twelve most common conditions such as depression, pain, anxiety, infertility, acid reflux and IBS. It offers many practical suggestions on how to achieve and maintain good health by using ancient, holistic healing methods for these most stubborn modern diseases. Many interesting case studies provide examples of how to overcome specific health problems by lifestyle changes, acupuncture, acupressure, moxa, meditation and/or herbal remedies.

Dr. Zheng offers her expert views on the consequences of conventional way of treating some medical conditions. For instance, high cholesterol, acid reflux and depression cost so much in medical care. To make matters worse, the medications people take for these conditions lead to other health issues such as muscle pains, nerve inflammation, weight gain, insomnia and severe mood swings.

In this book, the readers will be empowered by the knowledge of disease prevention as well as how to restore health by using anti-inflammatory foods and simple exercises such as acupressure. As Dr. Zheng says, "Even if you do not have good genes to protect you, you still can turn off the bad gene expression, balance your nervous and immune system, and live a healthy and happy long life." The book is especially beneficial to those who want to become healthy and happy without the long-term use of medication.

Dr. Li Zheng, Ph.D., Lic. acupuncturist and herbalist, earned her doctoral degree in medical science from Medical College of Ohio. She has accumulated 25 years of clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine and health care both in China and in the U.S. She enjoys helping patients at her clinic located in Needham, MA ( and Mass General Hospital, as well as writing books on health topics. Her first book entitled Acupuncture and Hormone Balance was published in 2010.

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