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How to Submit a Press Release (6:37)

  • How to Submit a Press Release (6:37)

  • How to Set Up a Media Room (2:58)

  • How to Create a Company Profile (3:18)

  • How to Add Press Contact and Company Contacts (2:09)

  • How to Set Up Your Social Media Feeds (4:02)

  • How to Add News Content (4:04)

  • How to Add Images, Video and Audio Assets to Your Media Room (4:03)

  • How to Customize Your Company Media Room (3:18)

  • How to Set Up Your Company Media Room on Another Website (1:23)

How to Find Contacts (2:06)

  • How to Find Contacts (2:06)

  • How do I find contacts in the Media Outreach database? (2:06)

  • How to Use Filters and Best Practices (5:49)

  • How to Search Using Filters and Applying Filters (4:09)

  • How to Remove Irrelevant Contacts (2:27)

  • How to Create, Add-to and Save a List (3:15)

  • How to Manage, Edit and Revise List (4:47)

  • How to Import Your Own List to the Dashboard (5:33)

  • How to Set Up an Email Campaign (8:33)

  • How to Use Email Templates (2:44)

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