Turinabol and Methan In Bodybuilding

Turinabol has a predominantly anabolic qualities, combined with a relatively low androgenic activity. Again, if we compare it with methane, the latter has a much higher anabolic and androgenic index, which allows us to characterize Turinabol as "soft

In the race for supremacy in the sports pharmacology studies were conducted all over the world to create a better method for using steroids. The most common steroids were then testosterone and methandrostenolone. Russian investigations were made in the search for the best scheme to use these generic drugs. Empirically been established the most effective dose of methane for an athlete. Based on this, the Soviet sprinters began using about 35 mg a day long courses. During these experiments, it was discovered the so-called phenomenon of "receptor blockage." In the final analysis is reset defense against prolonged over-stimulation of the receptor and the closure of some of them in an attempt to preserve the constancy of the internal environment (homeostasis). To maintain the same level of stimulation, it was necessary to increase the dosage or continuously until the side effects are not set an upper limit and then stay on the medication for a return to normal, or change medication or a combination of it with any more to support affinity to receptors. Russian can not solve this problem and adopted the concept of "key during sporting achievements," taking steroids for 1-2 years and then cancel in order to be at the peak of fitness throughout the year. In East Germany, approached the problem differently. They simply invented and developed a new drug is a system based on taking 0,125 mg of the drug per kilogram of lean body mass. Their optimal dose was much smaller than the Soviet and was effective for several years. They also cycled steroids to maintain receptor affinity. Turinabol manifested themselves in a new era in professional sports, it was a real pharmacological breakthrough. The appearance chlordehydromethyltestosterone marked the transition to the next stage in the evolution of doping, especially strongly influenced Turinabol on athletic performance in athletics.

Turinabol has a predominantly anabolic qualities, combined with a relatively low androgenic activity. Again, if we compare it with methane, the latter has a much higher anabolic and androgenic index, which allows us to characterize Turinabol as "soft" (and even "weak") pharm preparation. To more fully imagine the power and efficiency of Turinabol is to compare it with other drugs, the effect of which we are well known. To do this, imagine the kind of pharmacological scale, first of which will be located weakest drugs, and will continue to be placed more potent steroids, ie farther from the beginning of the scale is a medicine, so it is stronger. Earlier this dynamometer we see oxandrolone and oral version of Primo, then ascending - Stanozolol and Methane, at the end of the scale are detected Anadrol, Halotest and other heavy artillery. So Turinabol organically fit between stanozolol and methane. In performance it represents a cross between the anabolics. Of course, this is a very primitive illustration, a similar virtual model of the strength and quality impact pharm preparations allows chemists to beginners all the benefits and drawbacks of chlordehydromethyltestosterone.

Turinabol is widely spread in all sporting disciplines. After this drug got into weightlifting and track and field facilities, slowly but surely, began to seep into bodybuilding rocking, where with time and has found its niche. It would seem that the favorite bodybuilder' oral drug that is used in mass gaining course, has always been Dianabol, Turinabol but weak in practice was a good 'muscle builder'. Bodybuilders all year taking androgens, the use of Turinabol as anabolic addition to their courses. Turinabol is a traditional combination with the test and deck. Such courses have androgenic and anabolic ingredients, in a short time can significantly increase the weight of a bodybuilder. One feature in the application of Turinabol by bodybuilders is the use of excessive doses. If athletes feel normal dosage 30mg a day, and security forces are limited to 50 or 60-Tew-Tew, the pitching take 100-150 mg per day. Only the relatively high daily dosage in bodybuilding can successfully progress to a set of muscles.

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