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TurboCharged Stays Firm as a Top-Selling Kindle Health Book

#3 Best Kindle Seller in Exercise & Fitness Category, #6 Best Kindle Seller in Diets & Weight Loss Category, #7 Best Kindle Seller in Health, Fitness & Dieting Category

TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust (March, 2011), the first book in the self-published four-book TurboCharged® series, is holding steady in the Top 10 for health, fitness, diet and exercise books, far ahead of millions of other books offered in Amazon Kindle format.

TurboCharged, a health, diet and rapid fat loss book released last year, has quickly become one of the best-selling nutrition books on Kindle and is doing equally well in print, staying firmly positioned as one of the Top 20 bestselling paperback books in the nutrition and diet categories, according to Amazon sales figures.

The book has garnered enthusiastic followers around the world who refer to themselves as "TurboChargers." In interactive discussions with the co-authors, boomer-generation siblings Dian and Tom Griesel, on their website TurboChargedDiet.com and at Facebook.com/turbochargedus, most posters rave about rapid body fat loss and their surprise regarding the simplicity and ease of following the eight simple steps outlined in the book. Many log onto the book's website daily for inspiration and to read the new blog of the day, while many others share success stories on Twitter with the handle @TurboChargedYou.

Chuck Voelker, a resident of Escondido, California, recently posted on Facebook that he was down a whopping 150 pounds in less than 14 months, following a suggestion from the notable San Diego orthopedic surgeon Paul C. Murphy, M.D. to "buy the book." A former United States Navy orthopedic surgeon and former team surgeon for the San Diego Chargers, Dr. Murphy is also known as "Dr. Supercross" for having been instrumental in the care of such legends as Jeremy McGrath, Mike LaRocco, Bubba Stewart and Ricky Carmichael.

Voelker was invited to appear on The Today Show on October 22, where he proudly showed off two pairs of his huge "before pants" to Joy Bauer, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. During the past year, many others have posted on Facebook that they are feeling great as their excess fat dropped rapidly and their energy and spirits rose.

Other books in the series include, TurboCharged Recipes: Delicious Fuel for Your Fabulous Fat Burning Machine, The TurboCharged Mind: Eliminate Bad Habits with Hypnosis and TC Sidekick, a log for recording progress.

For more information, visit TurboChargedDiet.com or buy the book here: www.amazon.com/dp/1936705001

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