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Tuning Me Has Been Awarder the Shop Usability Award

Tuning Me, a leading online retailer of body kits, has been awarded the shop usability award, which means that they can have the Shop Usability logo on their website

Tuning Me, one of the best suppliers of body kits in the world, has been awarded the Shop Usability award. This means that they can have the Shop Usability award logo on their website to attract more customers.

The Shop Usability award is awarded to 13 online stores in different categories. The winners are decided by a jury of 12 members who are all experts in ecommerce, so they know what they are looking for. Customers who happen to like the store do not decide it.

To be in with a chance of winning the award, stores have to offer a perfect service. They have to have designed their website with thought out features and they have to have product reviews from their customers. They also have to prove that they are consistent with their customer focus.

With reference to Tuning Me, the jury decided that the company has unique features on their website and that they are particularly good at raising the standards of an online store. Their website had a modern design and customers were able to apply filters to find the particular body kits that they wanted.

A spokesperson from Tuning Me added, "Here at Tuning Me, we are all delighted that we have been given this award. We all work really hard and it is nice for the staff to be recognized for that hard work. For our company, it was a massive achievement just to be nominated, let alone to be given the award. We will continue to work extremely hard and put our customers first before anything else. Our staff members have said that they feel extremely proud of themselves and they feel that this has given them the confidence to work even harder."

Tuning Me have plans to expand the company in the future. They already ship internationally but they want to add to the list of countries that they deliver to. They also have plans to add to their catalogue and they are hoping to expand the workforce by hiring new staff. In the meantime though, they are working to fill their orders at this very busy time of year.

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