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TSU and TUSUR Will Be the Organizers of the XII International Conference «The Triple Helix and Innovation-based Economic Growth: New Frontiers and Solutions»

The XII Triple Helix International Conference will take place from 11-13 September 2014 in Tomsk, Russia. The Conference is devoted to the analysis of collaboration between universities, industry and the State government bodies.

The mission of the Conference is to discuss the Triple Helix model of interaction between universities, industry and government, and its impact on economic development. The Conference will bring together over 400 researchers and experts from 50 countries. In Tomsk, home to many universities and the heart of Russia, they will share their experience in the Triple Helix model and discuss the perspectives of innovation-based economy.

The organizers of the conference are Tomsk State University in cooperation with TUSUR University.The conference is included in the official list of events and initiatives for assistance of EU-Russia cooperation in fields of science, higher education and innovations of the EU-Russia Year of Science 2014, held under the aegis of the European Commission and the Ministry of Education and Science. The list of high-ranking guests includes ministers of education, science and innovation, representatives of large and innovative business, leading international universities and research organizations, heads of technology parks, innovation clusters. The conference international scientific committee consists of World's top 100 universities representatives. Conference seeks to answer the questions to the challenges of the global agenda - the search for new sources of economic growth. It will be attended by representatives of European countries, the BRICS countries and the Asia-Pacific region.The conference main theme: «The Triple Helix and innovation-based economic growth: new frontiers and solutions». The main theme splits into several sub-themes such as: Role of innovation theory in spurring innovation-based economic growth: better understanding - better life; Triple Helix Model in developing countries: catching up or unique way; Diffusion of innovations; University economic impacts; Infrastructure for new links between academia and industry; Entrepreneurship as the key element of innovation-based economic growth; The Triple Helix model and the society; Building an innovation friendly financial system; Interaction between universities, industry and small innovation business; Working language of the conference: English. For more information, visit

For the reference. In 2014 Russia hosts for the first time in the Triple Helix International Conference. This conferences series annually brings together more than 300 researchers, practitioners and analysts who work in the overlapping influence area of universities, business and government from 50 countries. It is organized by the Triple Helix and the Association of Entrepreneurial Universities of Russia. This conference is the twelfth in a series that began 17 years ago and is dedicated to the analysis of the interaction between universities/research institutions, government and industry, as well as its impact on the economic development of specific regions. After the well-known cities in the world such as Amsterdam (1996), New York (1998) , Rio de Janeiro (2000), Copenhagen (2002), Turin (2005), Singapore (2007), Glasgow (2009), Madrid (2010) , Stanford (2011), Bandung (2012), London (2013), the conference will be finally held in the Russian city of Tomsk.

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