Try And Buy Free Spy Phone Software From MobileBugStore : The Coming Of Age Of Monitoring Software Industry

Availability of free demo spy phone from MobileBugStore promises to shake the industry and restore consumer confidence as never before

The largest retailer of Spy Phone software, Mobile Bug Store has now introduced "Try before You Buy" Spy phone for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian Devices. Try before you buy or commonly referred to as "Try & Buy" is nothing new in the Software Industry, but is creating ripples all along the Spy Phone / Monitoring Software vendors.

Mobile Bug Store does not limit on what you can try, instead they boldly offer a complete suite for a user to try on their devices. The demo is available at no cost, does not require a credit card and works for two days. Mobile Bug Store Full Bundle Spy Phone Demo (Try & Buy) offers Room conversation recording, "S M S" Interceptor, "G P S" Location, Phone book retriever, Photo Interceptor, Web Browsing Interceptor, "B B M" & Email Interceptor (for blackberry devices only) and the ability to monitor the device health from the Web Panel.

Up until now buyers were subjected to reading long reviews of products on the internet and taking a wild guess on what works and what does not. Buyers were swayed by paid reviews and fake blogs into giving up their Credit Card Information and then following up on refunds if the software did not work well or support was not offered. There is in-fact no way to find out if a blog is offering paid advertisement as several sites are providing fake reviews which are not based to tested benchmarks or accurate comparison.

The Try & Buy offer from Mobile Bug Store eradicated the mystery and gives the power of purchase back in the customer's hand. Mobile Bug Store offers free demo license of their spy phone software without fear and restoring the faith in an online purchase which was previously marred by "fly by operators".


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