'True Life Stories: My Past Shadows of Fear - Missing Presumed Dead' Chronicles of Human Strength and Survival

LucyBoutaleb.co.uk features "My Past Shadows of Fear," the strange true story chronicling how Lucy Boutaleb, navigated the rough waters of life and survived.

Nearly two decades after being thrown out of her home at the tender age of 15, Lucy Pocklington was nowhere to be found. No one could tell whether she was hiding or alive or dead- no one knew where she was. Police search efforts over the years have turned out to be futile, failing to uncover the mystery of Lucy Pockington who had been declared missing presumed dead.

Unbeknownst to the world, Lucy Pockington experienced a life no young girl should live. Despite her young age, Lucy hoped, dared, struggled and overcame the odds. With her tale of suffering and survival gaining interest from everyone around the world, Lucy Pocklington-Boutaleb has equipped herself and mustered the courage to write her autobiography and share her unusual real-life adventures with a wider public.

"True Life Stories: My Past Shadows of Fear - Missing Presumed Dead" is the true account of Lucy Pocklington-Boutaleb that reaches out to empower missing people and their families. "Surviving all sorts of dangers, deprivation and the strong arm of the law, you can read how I went through hell and triumphed in the face of adversity, narrowly missing death and surviving to tell an utterly true yet 'stranger than fiction' story," Lucy relates.

Ms D.M. from Victoria, Australia, shares how she was moved by the story: "The synopsis alone is proof of how the human spirit endures through courage, love and hope."

A tireless tragedy that highlights survival, the "True Stories: My Past Shadows of Fear - Missing Presumed Dead" book in paperback and eBook edition offers the real-life blend of suspense, intrigue, wealth, laughter, humour, murder and more. From start to finish, the book reaches out to stir human compassion and hope. Not to be missed is the last chapter entitled "At Death's Door," which presents an experience no one on this planet would want to encounter.

To find out more about "True Stories: My Past Shadows of Fear - Missing Presumed Dead", please visit http://www.lucyboutaleb.co.uk for information.

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