Trendy Nurse Starts Business with Shoe Stickers

It's not everyday you hear of someone thinking of a business venture while shopping online on their lunch break. That's exactly what happened when Venecia Hillard, whom works as a nurse, happened across wedding shoe decals.

Venecia thought of these shoe decals as being cute and trendy.The only problem was there is no wedding in her immediate future. That's when the idea of shoe decals for any occasion was planted. That was just a few months ago, now that idea is Project Sole Expressions. It is an online business catering to trendy fashionistas whom love their high heels.

These shoe decals presently come in three different designs.They are made from a high quality vinyl.They are water proof and easily adhere to smooth dry surfaces. They add character to any shoe. They are placed on the soles of high heels. They are very unique with expressions that are meant to uplift the females who wear them, hence the name Project Sole Expressions. The shoe decals are also referred to as sole expressions. The three designs currently available are "Boss", "Queen of Everything",and "Who's the fairest?" There is also another design that will be release later this summer that the creator is very excited about.

Although Project Sole Expressions is very new, it has already been featured in three different blogs. Project Sole Expressions also has a a blog that covers makeup, fashion, and beauty. Project Sole Expressions host giveaways on their blog and is very active on social media platforms.

Project Sole Expressions was only an idea just a few short months ago. Now it is an online ecommerce business catering to those whom love fashion, makeup, and of, high heels. They hope to add more decal designs to their current inventory and other items in the future.

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