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Treat Hay Fever the Drug Free Way

Sick of dosing yourself up and feeling sick and drowsy? Find out about the alternative options to treating your hay fever. Consider an anti allergy device or a hay fever acupressure band, both natural remedies with no side effects.

Those around you may be excited for summer. But all you can think about is the runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing that will go hand in hand with walks in the park surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. Allergic reactions to pollen are more common than you'd think, with hay fever affecting up to one in five people. Many people don't suffer with it their whole life. For others, the development of a pollen allergy to trees, grass or plants can happen at any time.

Try an Anti Allergy Device

Have you considered an anti allergy device? A lot of over the counter medicines can make you feel nauseated, sleepy and subdued when you take them. But there is some good news! There are drug free alternatives which are just as effective as dosing yourself up but without adding chemicals into your daily routine.

The Medinose anti allergy device works by using photo therapy to eliminate symptoms that will regularly feature in your day. How does it do this? It uses phototherapy to inhibit the release of histamine. The Medinose anti allergy device can be used anywhere as it has a small power pack. There are no side effects as the treatment is completely natural; and just like your sprays and pills, it can be used several times as day.

If the Medinose anti allergy device isn't for you, have you considered a hay fever acupressure band? This nifty device is a clinically tested natural alternative to drugs based treatments so, again, there are no side effects. A hay fever acupressure band works by helping to free the pathways to your nose and throat, reducing breathing problems, all from a point of stimulation in the crook of your elbow. Painless, quick and simple relief.

Where can I find out more?

For a full range of drug free hay fever treatment options visit our website You can email our friendly team (including a fully qualified pharmacist) on or if you can our team on 0113 350 5432.

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