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Travel To Go Presents Green Travel Tips As Part Of Their Anniversary Celebration

Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, travel executives, are pleased to announce the 23rd Anniversary of Travel To Go, San Diego. Travel To Go San Diego offers affordable quality luxury vacations creating dreams to last a lifetime.

Since 1990, Travel To Go has been offering affordable luxury travel. In observance of the 23rd Anniversary of Travel To Go, Jeanette Bunn, President of Travel To Go, and Tommy Middaugh, Executive Vice President, have designated this year to focus on enhanced customer service and to expand their green travel program.

The terms "green travel" or "ecotourism" evoke a wide variety of images ranging from sleeping in hammocks to purchasing pricey hemp luggage from the newest "hip" shopping center. However, to travel green one does not have to do without luxury or inversely to spend a lot of money. It simply means doing ones part to preserve the ecology of the place(s) visited. In fact, green travel can save travelers money at the same time. Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh have provided the following list of ways to save money through green tourism, while at the same time helping to "save the planet".

Packing and Planning

1. Pack light, especially when flying. It not only saves on extra baggage fees, but less baggage equals less weight equals less fuel.

2. Print maps and tourist information before leaving. Better yet, borrow a guidebook from the local library and save a tree.

3. Purchase empty travel bottles and fill them with favorite shampoo and other products. By reusing them on multiple trips travelers save money and keep dozens of travel size bottles from local landfills.

4. Bring one's own digital camera instead of purchasing an expensive disposable camera that can only be used once before being dumped in a landfill.


5. Whenever possible get around town using public transportation.

6. Take short trips by walking or using a bicycle.

7. If travelers have to rent a car get a small one, or better yet rent a hybrid. Many car rental companies are now offering hybrid vehicles. Sure they might cost a little bit more to rent, but typically save on fuel prices.

8. If taking one's own automobile, take some or all of the following steps to increase your fuel efficiency and save on gas costs while reducing emissions. Have a tune-up before you leave, make sure your tires are properly inflated and reduce the number of unnecessary items you might have stored in the back seat or in your trunk. Turn off the air conditioner whenever possible. Reduce any drag on your car by removing roof racks and driving with your windows closed.

During The Trip

9. Eat locally produced food. It is a lot healthier and less expensive and it saves on all the shipping costs and emissions from transporting them across the country.

10. Buy locally produced souvenirs. Handicrafts made by locals are not only sustainable but they are often a fraction of the price of items shipped in from out of town.

11. Visit local, state and national parks and reserves. The costs are usually very reasonable and the fees are used to support these protected areas.

12. Bring one's own reusable water bottle instead of filling up landfills with old ones. If the tap water is not safe to drink at a destination, purchase a gallon size or larger of water and use it to refill the smaller bottle. It saves money buying in bulk and saves the environment from billions of water bottles.


13. Stay with family and friends whenever possible. Hotels use a lot more energy and resources than homes through daily cleaning, mini bottles of shampoo, hallway lights constantly lit. Whenever staying in hotels remember to turn off the lights and TV, turn the A/C down whenever leaving, and when an option reuse the towels and sheets instead of changing them daily.

14. Look into a home exchange whenever possible. This type of tourism not only saves money over an expensive hotel, but travelers can more easily practice green living while away from home.

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