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Travel All Russia Enriched European Tours Variety

Travel All Russia has expanded the selection of private European tours with the Tsar's Railway and an extended tour from Paris to St. Petersburg. All the sightseeing tours include hotel arrangements and a number of optional tours with extra charges

Travel All Russia, an international travel agency, render a range of travel services, including private tours across the largest Russian cities and river cruises onboard one of the three comfortable ships. Along with the expansion of Russian cities tours, the travel agency has recently replenished the range of railway journeys across European cities. The extended 2-week tour from Paris to St. Petersburg includes overview excursions in Paris, Berlin, Hannover, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk with the visit of their historically rich galleries, operas, clubs and other architectural monuments. With extra charge paid, all Travel All Russia tourists can expand their travel itinerary in Paris by going on a cheese and wine tasting, dinner show at the Lido and visit the Chateau de Versailles. The 3-day excursion in Moscow and St. Petersburg is also included into the list of the travel itinerary from Paris to St. Petersburg.

With the Tsar's railway itinerary, Travel All Russia tourists will take an advantage of sightseeing tours in the major Ukrainian resort cities, including Yalta, Sudak, Feodosia, Balaclava, Sevastopol and Bakhchisarai, the visit to Moscow, Minsk and Kiev. The travel tour grasps the most significant historic points in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus since the 19th century. The Tsar's railway tour will cover the visits to the palaces, battle fields and symbolic buildings, which depict the history during the World War II, Crimean War and Polish/Austrian rule.

Apart from the actual tour arrangements, the Travel All Russia agency services include hotel accommodation, flight and ticket booking, visa support and travel insurance. "Travel All Russia is an international licensed agency that appreciates every single client. We are ready to take the responsibility for the travel itinerary development and hotel and ticket booking depending on a tourist's preferences and abilities," - a Travel All Russia representative announced.

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