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Year 2013 is almost 2 months and Travel Agency Fougaros Travel & Holidays would like to inform all dear customers, friends about new services that everybody can find in the website at the

The website is now very pleased to provide to those who register, a Newsletter. So those who decide to do will be able to receive through their email all the news concerning the office and the island of Paxos. Therefore it will be great chance to all clients to know what will happen those days when they willvisit Paxos Island.

Also, the website presents a new category called Offers. In that category find the availability of the villas or the rooms to rent or to stay during holidays in Paxos. In that section will always get the best deals that Fougaros Travel will bring, having the chance to find everything regarding best prices and offers for everybody.

Continuing tour through the website another new section is the FAQ section, the Frequent Asking Questions. That section will have a key role for the company because there is the best help regarding old and frequent questions that have been answered by the company itself to all customers. The decision of doing that was to help and shorten up all queries that have brought until now.

Last section in the website is the section of Contact by sending a message without having to open personal software, which enables easy question directly without too much delay.

These are all new sections and hope that these new services will be very useful to all customers. Also there a need to inform that the next months will bring some more services in order to please as many needs. Therefore keep up updated through the newsletters or through Press releases.

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